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These items are sold.  They have been placed here in our online archives as a service for researchers and collectors.

Clocks & Instruments

Replogle Clock Globe

10-Inch Clock Globe
Chicago: c. 1940s


Richard's Chronisphere
6-Inch Clock Globe

London: c: 1900

Heymann Table Globe

Heymann Clock Globe
Germany: c. 1900


Globe Clock
c. 1900

Cary Nautical

Cary Celestial Globe
for Ship Use

London: c. 1900

Newey Clock Globe

R. Newey/ George Philip & Son
12-inch Terrestrial Globe Clock
York, England:
c. 1932-35

Student & Children's Globes

Felkl 8.5 Slated Globe

J. Felkl
8.5-Inch Slated Globe
Prague: Late 19th C.

Slate Globe on Ebonized Stand

J. Felkl
Slate Globe
Late 19th C.

Red Lined Slate Globe

Red Lined Slate Globe
Late 19th C.

Modernist Slate

12-Inch Modernist Slate Globe
c. 1940s-60s

Dutch Student Terrestrial Globe

C.L. van Balen (ed.)
4-inch Terrestrial Globe, Tin Drum Stand
Early 20th C.

Christian Missionary Society, St. Louis, Metal Collection Box Bank

Christian Missionary Society
Metal Globe Bank

Disney globe

Rand McNally
Disney Character Globe

Replogle Wonder World

Wonder World Globe
c. 1950s

Admiral Byrd Antarctica Globe

Admiral Byrd AntarcticaExploration Globec. 1930s

Cram Toy Globe

Toy Globe
c. 1950s

Reimer Bookend Globes

Dietrich Reimer
Globe Bookends
Berlin: 1954

Philips Pictorial Globe

Pictorial Globe
London: c. 1950

Planet Earth Globe

Replogle Globes, Inc.
12-Inch Planet Earth Globe
Chicago: c. 1991

Unusual Forms

Masonic, Folding, Trophies and Other Decorative Forms
Pair of 10-inch Terrestrial and Celestial Masonic Globes on Columns

Pair of Large Masonic Globes on Columns
Late 19th C.

Masonic Pair

Pair of Globes on Masonic Columns
c. Late 19th C.

Masonic Globe Pair

C. Smith
Miniature Pair
Oak Masonic Columns

Nystrom Hanging

Hanging Globe
c. 1930s

Betts's Umbrella Globe

Betts Patent Portable Globe
British Umbrella Globe

Renaissance Style

Renaissance Style Terrestrial Globe
c. 1940s-50s

'Our Country' Glass Miniature Globe Container

Glass Globe
Early 20th C.

Egg Globe

Egg Globe
Germany: c. 1930s

Astronomer Celestial Globe Bookends

Astronomer Celestial Globe Bookends
2nd Qtr. 20th C.
Gilt metal

Marble and alabaster sculpture

Space Exploration Trophy
Soviet Union:
c. 1970s
Polished marble and geode

Atlas Globe

Atlas Plane Trophy
c. 1920

Lunar, Celestial & Planetary

Chein Lunar 9 Inch Table Globe

J. Chein & Co.
9-Inch Lunar Globe
New Jersey: c. 1970s

green lunar globe

Green Moon Globe
c. 1960s

Replogle Blast-Off Globe

Space Game Globe
Chicago: 1953

Handmade Celestial

12-Inch Celestial Globe
Handmade globe
Late 1950s-1960s

Moon Globe

George F. Cram
10.5-Inch LunarGlobe
Indianapolis: c. 1973-79

Venus and Mars

Mars and Venus
Pair of Handmade 12-Inch Globes
Late 20th C.

Mars Replogle Globe

Mars Globe
Chicago: 1990

Set of 5 Planetary Globes

Replogle Globes, Inc.
Set of 5 Planetary & Lunar Globes
Chicago: 1981

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