Featured Sale Items – The View from New York Harbor

This issue of our monthly newsletter features six items recently added to our website. We celebrate Independence Day with a works by Canadian-American artist Woldemar Neufeld, who documented mid-20th-century New York City in a delightful series of limited edition block prints. We have several in stock and have put two maritime scenes on sale here. Also featured are two fine armillary spheres, an unusual marine natural history specimen and an antique brass and wood bellows.

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Availability of items below subject to prior sale.

Sale prices in effect through July 20, 2019.


We've just added colorful linoleum block prints to the site by Woldemar Neufeld, also known as "the artist laureate of the East River" from the 1940s to 1990s. This one depicts one of the Operation Sail Independence Day events, with the US Coast Guard tall ship Eagle sailing past the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor with great fanfare. Regularly $1,600, sale price $1,450. More information.

Neufeld captured this view of the New York City Fire Department’s Marine Company 7 fireboat house beneath the Brooklyn Bridge sometime before it was decommissioned in 1970. Now the building is home to Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, but at the time a fireboat was docked out front. Regularly $1,250, sale price $1,100. More information.


A rare mid-19th-century French Copernican armillary sphere incorporating an orrery, of traditional form. It is made of pasteboard with applied engraved paper, on an ebonized wood stand. It has various representations of the sun, the earth and moon, six planets, and four asteroids. The spherical Earth — rotating on a separate apparatus — is painted with a simple map of the continents. Regularly $16,000, sale price $14,500. More information.

Ptolemaic armillary sphere in the Baroque taste, probably made in italy or Spain in the mid 20th century. It is of traditional form, pasteboard with applied printed paper, and a rotating sphere in the center representing Earth. The rotating ring structure includes the polar circles, tropical circles and equator — surrounded by a zodiac band with colored images of the zodiac signs. The bright red painted wooden stand rests on a base with a compass needle set under glass. Regularly $3,500, sale price $3,150. More information.


Decorate the beach house with an antique sawfish rostrum natural history specimen, mounted to a wooden display plaque (shown above with detail). The so-called saw — technically referred to as the rostrum — is the long, thin flat snout edged with opposing pairs of teeth from a knifetooth sawfish (Anoxypristis cuspidate). This particular example is unusually wide and long — the specimen is 38 inches long; the plaque measures 44 x 12.25 inches. Regularly $1,800, sale price $1,600. More information.

Mechanical brass and wood bellows for blowing air on a fire to stoke the burning of coal or peat in a stove. While this 19th-century English bellows will function as an accessory for a wood burning fireplace, it is primarily of interest as a decorative mechanical device. Regularly $1,300, sale price $1,200. More information.