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Not your typical holiday gifts

For the 2019 Holiday Season: Your last-minute gift ideas are here and they are all on sale! We've just added a view and a map of Brooklyn and Manhattan, the ever-popular vintage globe with an Art Deco airplane base, a modern celestial globe, an antique armillary sphere, a miniature model staircase, a vintage White House wood gavel, and a bronze tiger figurine to the other antiques we added to this page a few weeks ago. We also have a wide variety of holiday gift ideas on our website in a dedicated section.

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Availability of items below subject to prior sale.

Sale prices in effect through January 20, 2020.


Published in the 1860s, Johnson’s Map of New York and the Adjacent Cities is a large, detailed map of most of Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn, Jersey City and Hoboken. The map is set within an elaborate Victorian foliate border. Regularly $500, sale price $450. More information.

Anton Schutz's Four Bridges takes in a bird's-eye view of Brooklyn looking west toward Manhattan and the East River in 1929, including the Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan Bridge, the Williamsburgh Bridge and the Queensboro Bridge. Schutz is known for his large series of etchings of New York City. Regularly $750, sale price $675. More information.


Philips’ 6-inch Popular Celestial Globe maps the night sky into the 88 constellations adopted by the International Astronomical Union in the 1920s. The dark blue globe is elegantly mounted on a brass stand with inclination arm and brass finial. Regularly $1,650, sale price $1,500. More information.

The French Copernican armillary sphere also incorporates an orrery with representations of the sun, the earth and moon, seven planets, and asteroids. Made of brass and other metals, it is raised on an ebonized wood stand. Although it is not signed (as is typical for these devices), it is similar in design and construction to others produced in France in the mid 19th century. Regularly $13,500, sale price $8,750. More information.


The stylish Weber Costello Co.12-Inch Terrestrial Table Globe has black oceans and a chromed, rounded airplane form base. Made c. 1945 to 1960s it is a great complement to any decor from traditional to modern. Regularly $1,200, sale price $1,100. More information.


Wooden miniature staircase models like this one have been produced by architects and furniture makers as fanciful projects, though this one was recently made in a classic style. We have other staircase models on our website. The one shown here is 14 inches high and regularly $575, sale price $525. More models and information.


White House Wood Gavels & Atlantic Cable

Shown here are two examples of gavels made of relic pine wood from the renovation of the White House during the Truman administration. Each has its original brass plate centered by a raised Presidential seal imprinted “Original White House Material Removed in 1950.” Between them is relic section of the first transatlantic telegraph cable from 1858, originally made into a souvenir by Tiffany & Co. This example was subsequently sold by the Smithsonian Institution in the late 1970s mounted on a walnut plaque with their authentication label on the back. Special Holiday prices: White House Gavel (left), $900. Atlantic Cable Plaque, $425. White House Gavel (right), $1,100.


Just under 13 inches long, including the base, this patinated bronze figurine of a fierce, crouching, male tiger is depicted in mid stride, its head turned, baring its teeth. Regularly $900, sale price $800. More information.


Rand, McNally & Co. produced this 6-Inch Terrestrial Table Globe for classroom use for many years — this one is copyrighted 1892 and appears in the company's 1902 catalog for the affordable price of 50 cents. It's appreciated in value since then as a collector's item: on our website it's regularly $850. But we're currently offering it for the sale price of $750. More information.


Imagine making a perilous North Sea crossing from Germany to England on your way to marry a man you've never met — at least he was the king! That episode from the life of Princess Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz is recorded in this pair of maritime prints published in the mid 1760s. Engraved by Pierre-Charles Canot after paintings by Thomas Allen, they show the British royal yachts with accompanying British warships on their round trip in 1761 to transport the future queen. One print shows the flotilla leaving England, the other shows the ships narrowly escaping being wrecked off the coast of Norway on the return voyage. Charlotte married King George III two days after arriving in England. Regularly $5,200, sale price $4,700. More information.


A rare novelty four-drawer retractable spyglass, with eyepiece and objective lens. The barrel is wrapped in a color-printed nautical lithograph illustrated with a grid of 20 pictures of “National Flags” and another grid of 15 flags under the heading “International (Commercial) Code of Signals,” with a single flag to the left of that grid labeled “Code Pennant.” Made by A.N. Myers & Co., London, in the 19th century, it is accompanied by its original cloth covered cardboard cylindrical case, also shown here. Regularly $900, sale price $800. More information.


The cartoon pictorial map of the campus of the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, is a mixture of guide to the campus and whimsical figures, such as the mermaid distracting a passing rowing scull in Annapolis Harbor. Copyrighted 1936, it is printed in navy blue and gold, the academy’s official colors, and features the team mascot, Bill the Goat, in the center. Regularly $525, sale price $475. More information.


When historic Nassau Hall was built in 1756, it housed the entirety of the college that eventually became Princeton University. This c. 1860 lithograph shows the landmark building after it had been restored with a new facade designed by architect of the US Capitol Benjamin Latrobe. Regularly $1,500, sale price $1,350. More information.


This colorful pictorial map of the Harvard University and Radcliffe College campuses in Cambridge, Massachusetts, c. 1959-69 would make an excellent gift for a graduate. It was designed and published by Alva Scott Garfield, who produced many pictorial maps of areas rich in historical interest in New England during the 1950s and 1960s. Regularly $450, sale price: $375. More information.