Featured Sale Items – Person to Person

This issue of our monthly newsletter features portrait prints after popular paintings: a formal image of Alexander Hamilton by John Trumbull, an informal one of James McNeill Whistler by Giovanni Boldini, and two delightful paintings of young children by Sir Joshua Reynolds. Continuing the theme of person-to-person interaction are three souvenir telephone cables from the first half of the 20th century. This issue also features original illustration art with unusual subjects: the signing of the United Nations Charter in 1945 and 1920s designs for textiles or wallpaper for the child's room.

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Sale prices in effect through May 20, 2019.


Two portrait prints of influential Americans made after well-known paintings: a color mezzotint published by Frost & Reed in 1932 after John Trumbull's 18th-century portrait of Alexander Hamilton and an etching by Jacques Reich of the avant garde American painter James McNeill Whistler after a painting by Giovanni Boldini that is now in the collection of the Brooklyn Museum. Hamilton: Regularly $1,400, sale price $1,200. Whistler: Regularly $1,100, sale price $1,000.


Numerous paintings by the celebrated British painter Sir Joshua Reynolds were made into mezzotints, including these sensitive portraits of children. The Honorable Richard Edgcumbe, the ten-year-old heir of an estate that had been in his family since the 16th century and a future Earl, was engraved by William Dickinson in 1774. Regularly $450, sale price $400. More information.

Master Bunbury was the son of the famous caricaturist Henry William Bunbury and Reynolds' godson. According to a charming anecdote, Reynolds kept his three-year-old subject entertained during the sittings by telling him fairy tales. A popular image, Francis Haward's mezzotint was reissued a few times after its original 1781 publication. Regularly $375, sale price $350. More information.


Three different souvenir sections of underground telephone cables from 1928 to 1948, each mounted on a wooden base imprinted with information about it. Each cable consists of a bundle of wires sheathed in protective layers. They are interesting examples of telecommunications history as well as handsome modern abstract shelf decorations for a den or executive office. Regularly $1,900 the set, sale price $1,700. More information.


Original illustration art by Charles Zingaro juxtaposes the signing of the United Nations Charter in the foreground with a scene of the founders of the United States signing the Articles of Confederation in 1781. It features a circumpolar map of the world. It was drawn for publication, probably around June 26, 1945, when the charter was signed. Regularly $1,250, sale price $1,100. More information.


Original illustration art designs, dated 1921 and painted by Helena Putnam, in the form of series of swatches, apparently for textiles or wallpaper for a child’s room. The motifs include candlesticks, men with trumpets, stylized birds, color wheels, yellow storks, Christmas trees, green rabbits, and a toddler with a baseball bat. Regularly $475, sale price $425. More information.