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Bring on the Summer of 2020 Specials!

Our summer specials were selected with beach house decor in mind. We begin with a vintage pictorial map of Newport, Rhode Island, and a pair of photographs of elite America's Cup yachts taken around 1930. An American globe from the 1870s accents the table or shelf. We also are offering fine antique prints of lush summer fruit and flowers. For a modern monochromatic decor, the Italian character Pulcinella dressed in white, emerges from fine black lines. On a lighter note, Mother Goose emerges through the alphabet. For everything else from A to Z — from the seashore to tropical decor —  visit our Beach House section on our website for more ideas!

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Availability of items below subject to prior sale.

Sale prices in effect through September 20, 2020.


...is the first line on an "old sign" depicted on this Souvenir Map of Newport, Rhode Island from around the 1940s. Artist Marjorie Barter filled the pictorial map with illustrations of historic landmarks and naval vessels, including Verrazano’s ship from 1524. It is bordered by small figures of sailors, reflecting the presence of a U.S. Navy station there. Regularly $1,200, sale price $1,000. More information.


This scarce pair of photographs is from the studio of renowned maritime photographer Edwin Levick. They show the Weetamoe and the Whirlwind, two early J-Class American yachts that were built in America as potential entrants in the America’s Cup of 1930. Regularly $1,100 the pair; sale price $975. More information.


Wachob's 7-Inch Terrestrial Table Globe was marketed as "The Excelsior" by this Scranton-based company around the 1870s. It is mounted on a particularly handsome turned walnut and brass stand. Regularly $4,500, sale price $3900. More information.


The pear and the peach above are among several colorful natural history prints of fruit from Pomona Italiana, a monumental 19th-century treatise on Italian fruit trees by Giorgio Gallesio. Beautifully printed as color aquatints, the lush fruit is rendered with an unusual attention to detail, recording even subtle blemishes on the fruits, tiny insect holes in the leaves, and knife marks in the cut halves of the clingstone peaches. Regularly $600 each, sale price $525 each. More information, including other available prints from this set.


Botanical prints published in Paris in the 1770s by Pierre Joseph Buchoz depict "the most beautiful and most unusual" flowers cultivated in the gardens of China and Europe. They are executed in the Chinoiserie taste, often incorporating birds, butterflies and insects. A noted art historian has observed, "Only when we look carefully at these pictures do we realize that they are engraved and not drawn with the brush." Regularly $900 each, sale price $800 each. More information, including other available prints from this set.


Pulcinella, the ever-popular trickster character from Italian commedia dell'arte, is depicted in an ink drawing by Italian artist Linda Chittaro made in 1969. Pulcinella wears his traditional white costume of long baggy blouse, tied at the waist over loose trousers, tall hat, and gloves. Chitarro employs dense curling lines to create a sense of atmosphere and movement. Regularly $850, sale price $750. More information.

This original illustration by British artist Richard André was for the back cover of his Mother Goose ABC book published in 1890. Above the text “Through the Alphabet” this watercolor shows Mother Goose as a circus performer on horseback literally bursting through letters of the alphabet painted on a huge paper hoop as if she is making a grand entrance to the circus ring. She is accompanied by amusing geese dressed as clowns. Regularly $1,500, sale price $1,350. More information.