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What's Past Is Prologue: October 2020 Specials

In this issue: The Shakespeare bust and inkwell shown above inspires the theme, a quote from the Bard that speaks to all of us who love antiques: "What's Past Is Prologue." It would make a great bookshelf accessory along with the 19th-century ceramic bust of Goethe shown below. Other items on sale are a London pocket map from 1873, a 1926 pictorial map of Chicago showcasing its famous architecture, a charming 19th-century pocket globe and case, and an elegant 20th-century floor globe. We also have a painting of a Guatemalan weaver at work by Argentine Modernist Nicolás Rubió in an unusual handmade frame.

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Availability of items below subject to prior sale.

Sale prices in effect through October 20, 2020.


The Portrait Bust of Shakespeare incorporates a glass inkwell and a carved channel to hold a pen. The unusual and inventive composition is carved from walnut in the Art Nouveau style. Regularly $1,050, sale price $950. More information.

The cast glazed terracotta bust of influential German author Johann Wolfgang von Goethe is ready to join Shakespeare on the library shelf. It was handsomely modeled by Rudolf Uffrecht and manufactured by French ceramics factory Utzschneider & Cie. in 1870. Regularly $950, sale price $850. More information.


London, Drawn and Engraved expressly for the Post Office Directory is a lithographed folding pocket map from 1873 that shows the city in intricate detail. The Post Office Directories were published annually during the 19th century and relied upon by residents and visitors alike to find their way around. Regularly $450, sale price $400. More information.


This promotional pictorial double-sided map of Chicago advertises the Chicago Motor Coach Company. The maps is particularly notable for its visual documentation of the city’s architecture from the rebuilding after the Chicago Great Fire in 1871 to about 1920. Published in 1926, it also shows the company's bus routes. Regularly $575, sale price $525. More information.


A charming miniature terrestrial globe in its original cylindrical box with an illustration of a Renaissance geographer at work on the lid (shown with the case open above). It was made by MPS, a German producer of miniature globes, with place names in English. The bottom of the box has a handwritten inscription in ink, mostly faded, but legible are the words “Xmas 1861. Presented as a prize..." which dates the globe to mid-19th-century. On hold. More information.


The 18-Inch Floor Globe has a British W. & A.K. Johnston world globe mounted on a four-legged walnut stand in the baroque style produced by Kittinger, a Buffalo-based fine furniture company. From the geography we can tell it was made between 1927 to 1930. Regularly $8,500, sale price $5,200. More information.


Painting illustrating a traditional Guatemalan weaver at work within an intricate frame constructed and hand-painted by the artist. Its Spanish title translates to Glory to the Weaver of Antigua — Antigua is a city with a proud tradition of Mayan weaving in Guatemala. Painted in 1976, this work is part of Argentine artist Nicolás Rubió’s Artisan Series. Regularly $1,725, sale price $1,550. More information.