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These items are sold. They have been placed here in our online archives as a service for researchers and collectors.

16th-18th Century Celestial Maps & Charts

Globe and Winds Title Page

Globe and Winds Title Page
Strasbourg: 1541


J. Bayer

Kircher, solaris

A. Kircher
Solarius and Lunarius
c. 1665

Athanasius Kircher Prints

A. Kircher
Mundus Suberraneus
Engravings, c. 1665

Systema creation

Systema Creationis
Engraving, c. late 17th C.

Bevis Celestials

John Bevis
Uranographia Britannica
London: c. 1786
Hand-colored engravings

Small Double Hemisphere Constellation Chart

Henri du Sauzet
Double Hemisphere Constellation Chart
Amsterdam: 1734

John Senex Astronomical Diagram

John Senex
Astronomical Diagram
Venice: 18th C.

Tabula Anemograhica

Tobias Conrad Lotter
Tabula Anemograhica
Augsberg: Mid 18th C.

Ottens Celestial Print

R. & J. Ottens
Constellation Chart
Amsterdam: c. 1772

Sterre Carte

Johannes (Gerard) van Keulen
Mercator Style Celestial Chart
Amsterdam: c. 1750

Desnos Prints

Louis-Charles Desnos
Globe Studies and World Map
Paris: 1768

Sphaera Armillaris

Sphaera Armillaris
Continental: 18th C.

Homann Frontispiece

Johann Baptist Homann
Atlas Coelestis Frontispiece
Nuremberg: 1742 or 1748
Hand-colored engraving

19th-20th Century Celestial Maps & Charts

Bode Circumpolar Celestial Chart

Johann Elert Bode
Circumpolar Celestial Chart
c. 1800


Felix Delamarche
Paris: 1830

Heck Astronomical Charts

Johann Georg Heck
Astronomical Charts
Leipzig: c. 1850s

Extraordinary Planetary System Metamorphic Astronomy Chart

L.W. Yaggy
Metamorphic Astronomy Chart
Chicago: 1887

Four Celestial Globe Gores

Francesco Inghirami
Celestial Globe Gores
Italy: 1826

Urania's Mirror Box and Cards

Urania's Mirror
Boxed Set of Cards
London: c. 1830

Cauda Hydrae, Centaurus, Crater, Argo Navis and Hydra #19 - from Uranographia

Johann Elert Bode
Engravings, Berlin: 1801

Astronomia Deck of Astronomy Game Cards

Henry Corbould
F.G. Moon, London: 1829-31
Astronomy game cards

Hagstrom Star Map

Elizabeth Shurtleff
Pictorial Star Map
New York: c. 1920s-30s

Photograph of the Moon

J. & A. Williams
Photograph of the Moon


Sivartha Chart of The Earth and the Heavens

A. Sivartha
Chart of The Earth and the Heavens

Atlases & Devices

The Tiny Planetarium

The Tiny Planetarium

Whitall Planispheres

Henry Whitall
American, 1856-69

Collecting Celestials & Celestials for Sale

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Martha Stewart with George Glazer, Collecting Celestials

Star Spangled Globes
Interview with George on collecting celestial globes and maps by Martha Stewart, 2001

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