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Map, Texas, Pictorial, Satirical, Humorous Illustrations, Vintage Print, Dallas, 1951

United States of Texas
Harper Standard Engraving Company, Dallas, Texas: 1951
Offset lithograph print on coated paper
24 x 18 inches, overall
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Satirical pictorial novelty map of Texas, which as the title and declarations beneath it imply, is filled with jokes about Texan pride and braggadocio, and the tendency of residents to view their state as practically a nation in and of itself. The map portion, surmounted by female angels on a ring of stars labeled “Halo,” divides the state into small, irregularly shaped sections that are labeled with titles, some also containing illustrations that range from straightforward renderings to cartoons. The state names are a combination of references to actual industries, agricultural products, sites, and activities such as “Mining State,” “Cattle State,” and a view of The Alamo. Other whimsical names include “State School of Bragging,” “State of Unrest” and “Self-Sufficient State.” In the center is a section shaped like a map of the U.S. labeled “Uncle Sam’s Ranch,” a mythical place described in a text box to the right. Surrounding the main Texas map are humorous photographs, illustrations, and texts, including 13 illustrations and obviously doctored photographs of hybrid animals, such as the “Jackie Bird” — a turkey with the head of a jackass. The map is printed on the back with other illustrations and humorous text. It folds as issued for mailing, with one panel of the back reserved to add an address and postage stamp. The publisher was a printing services company that had just opened a specialty division producing novelties for business promotions. This ephemeral map is apparently very scarce.

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Printed on the back of the map is a large illustration of various industries, livestock, and farm products contained within a wall in the shape of the state map under the declaration “Build a High Wall Around the State of Texas and Its 7,777,777 Friendly Texans Could Live Splendidly Forever on the Vast and Varied Resources of this Immense Fabulous Empire.” The caption beneath it and other texts on the page combine actual almanac information and humorous boasts. There are also doctored photos of oversized animals and produce purporting to show “Big Things Are Raised in Texas,” and a row of illustrations of animals sporting absurdly long tails under the heading “Tall Tales of Texas.”

Harper Standard Engraving Company was a firm providing services to the printing industry in Dallas, Texas, co-founded in 1919 by Jack Harper, Sr., and Vernon Snow, as the Harper-Snow Engraving Company, producing custom illustrations and printing plates. In 1950, the company diversified to include an advertising specialty division that produced business promotional items. With Jack Harper, Jr., now running the firm, the name was changed to Harper House in 1972 to reflect the transition from obsolete engraving processes to newer printing technologies. It has continued in business and celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2019.

Full publication information: Produced and Distributed by Harper Standard Engraving Co., P.O. Box 1016, Dallas, Texas.

Condition: Generally very good, folds, as issued, otherwise with the usual light toning, wear, handling.


“Harper House 1919-2019.” Harper House. (6 January 2020).

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