Pictorial Maps

Pictorial maps are a genre in which the cartography is enlivened with illustrations pertinent to the places shown: landmarks and buildings, peoples and ethnography, plants and animals, sometimes rendered in bird’s-eye view. The maps often include historical events and references. Boats, airplanes and other modes of transportation, and local agricultural and manufactured products frequently appear. Generally, they include embellishments such as compass roses, elaborate cartouches, and decorative borders. The maps are usually characterized by humorous, playful or whimsical touches. Although by definition the maps are pictorial, they often include textual explanations of the illustrations. Inasmuch as the maps contain illustrations, they are usually very decorative, also serving the purpose of promoting tourism, and commemorating historical milestones and some annual events. Read more about this popular and highly collectible genre in on our online article About Pictorial Maps.

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