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Game, Astronomy, Moon and Stars Ring Toss, American, c. 1925


Moon and Stars Ring ‘M Game
Unique Manufacturing Company, Martin’s Creek, Pa.: c. 1925
Color process print on cardboard, metal fittings and rings
18.25 x 15 inches

Ring toss game comprised of a print on cardboard with metal fittings, meant for hanging. It is decorated in the center with a smiling man in the moon having a yellow face, set against a blue night sky. The moon is surrounded by eleven yellow stars, all of which have a brass-colored metal stud protruding from the cardboard backing and a circle below with a number for the point score. The game comes with five small brass colored rings. The name of the game is printed in large red letters. At the bottom, against an illustration of white clouds, is a banner with the slogan “For Exercise and Health.” The entire illustration is surrounded with a yellow border. There is a hole at the top for hanging the game board on the wall, reinforced with a metal ring. Library of Congress copyright records indicate that the design was copyrighted in September 1924 and January 1925 by Alfred Brown of Brookline, Massachusetts. Apparently rare, we have been unable to locate another example.

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The rules are printed on the back:


When two play, each person throws six rings, top ring counts same as in quoits. The one scoring 100 points wins the game. If a player runs over 100 points he must start at the beginning again. If more than two play at one time each person throws twelve rings, and the highest score wins the game. 

Hang game on wall — Moon five feet from floor. Stand back six feet when throwing rings. 

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Unique Manufacturing Company was incorporated in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 1924.

Condition: Generally good with edge wear, abraded corners and foxing. Upper left corner is slightly bent and cracked on the surface.


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