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Globe, French, Specialty, 3-inch Terrestrial World Globe, Cigarette Lighter, Forest, Paris, c. 1914-24

J. Forest
3-Inch Terrestrial Globe Cigarette Lighter
Paris: c. 1914-24
5.5 inches high
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This novelty item combines a miniature terrestrial globe with a cigarette lighter. The brass lighter apparatus at the North Pole unscrews to permit filling the hollow metal chamber with lighter fluid. Petrograd is shown, indicating a date between 1914 and 1924. Geography is simple, with some countries and major cities labeled, though with some national borders indicated with light red lines. Major rivers are drawn with blue lines. Landmasses are green and yellow, with mountain ranges and deserts shaded in tan, outlined in blue, and oceans are yellow-green. Ocean currents, drawn as serpentine shaded blue or tan shapes, give it a lively, decorative appearance. Longitude and latitude lines are numbered.

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J. Forest made a large variety of globes in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, largely for school use, but also for the home. Their prolific output included table globes, some on ebonized turned stands; floor globes; and novelty globes, including terrestrial globes on geared turntable stands, and globe-form cigarette lighters. In the 20th century, Forest produced light up globes, including ones on modernist aluminum bases. Forest globes were mainly labeled in French, with some produced for export in English or Spanish.

In the 2nd quarter of the 20th century J. Forest was apparently succeeded by the geographical publishing firm Girard & Barrére, which continued to offer “Globes Forest” at the same Rue de Buci address in Paris that Forest had used. During the early and mid 20th century the firm also produced globes and geographical publications as Girard, Barrére et Thomas. This may have been a merger or partnership with the 19th century Paris globe maker G. Thomas.

Cartouche: TERRESTRIAL/GLOBE/ Made and for sale by/ J. FOREST/ Geographer/ 17-19 R. de Buci, 17-19/ PARIS

Brass Stamped: Eclair, BREVETE MODELE DEPOSE/ S.G.D.G./ Made in France

Condition: Generally very good with the usual overall toning, wear, soiling. Few abrasions, especially at South Pole where it rests on the table, neatly restored.

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