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Globe, American, Specialty, Puzzle, Geographic Educator, Terrestrial World, 6-inch Diameter Table Globe, New York, c. 1926

Geographic Educator Corporation
The Geographic Educator 6-Inch Jigsaw Puzzle Globe
New York City: Late 1920s
Tripod iron stand
10 inches high
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Our stock of Geographic Educator Puzzle globes frequently changes. Prices vary considerably depending on condition and whether all puzzle pieces are present. The globe pictured here is sold. Please inquire as to price and availability.

An unusual and entertaining novelty terrestrial globe comprised of seven horizontal sections, six containing jigsaw map pieces of the continents. The globe is surmounted by a brass finial, canted on a metal angle arm, and raised on brown-patinated cast-iron tripod base. Two different models of tripod bases were manufactured. One is more ornate with scrolling foliate decoration, having cabriole legs with cabochons at the knees and ending in paw feet (top row of thumbnails, second from left). The other has flat cabriole legs ending in pad feet (top row of thumbnails, far left and main image).

Below is a 14-second video of the puzzle globe being assembled and disassembled (no audio).

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Geographic entities, with simple cartography, are colored in tones of green, yellow, pink, orange, purple. Oceans are cream colored, sometimes with a slight greenish cast. Lindbergh’s transatlantic route in 1927 and steamship routes are indicated. The puzzle pieces are in various colors with very simple cartography emphasizing countries — place names are shown in raised relief letters.

The Geographic Educator was promoted by its manufacturer in the original instructional brochure as “The Invention of the Century” and “The World in Pieces.” Although at the time it was manufactured as a toy for children, it is now considered highly desirable by adult globe collectors.

Oval Cartouche Surmounted by Figures of Eagle and Beaver: “Patent Aug. 26, 1913/ Other Pat. App. For/ Printed in U.S.A. Copyright 1927/ TERRESTRIAL/ GLOBE/ 6” DIA./ GEOGRAPHIC/ EDUCATOR/ NEW YORK/ U.S.A.”

Top Section Stamped on the Underside: GEOGRAPHIC EDUCATOR CORP. NEW YORK, U.S.A

Condition: In addition to general condition issues for vintage globes, particular issues sometimes encountered for Geographic Educator globes are darkening, minor losses to paper, cracking to underlying plastic core, varying degrees of interlocking of slices, and presence of all puzzle pieces. Individualized condition reports and prices for globes currently available will be provided on request.

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