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Fine Art, Witches Save Doctor from Death, Set of Silhouettes on Paper, late 19th Century


Witches Save Doctor from Death
American or English: Mid 19th Century
Hand-cut silhouettes on paper
Sizes vary between 2 x 4.5 inches and 4 x 7 inches
$750, the set

A unique macabre set of seven silhouettes telling the story how Death — personified by a skeleton accompanied by an “imp” — comes to kill a doctor by slicing a piece from him. A trio of witches, feeling sorry for the doctor, fight off Death and bring the doctor back to life. The grateful doctor thanks the witches, one of whom carries away the imp. The witches are shown in traditional form, with pointed hats and flying on brooms.

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Pencil inscriptions on each silhouette describe the story:

Number 1: Death grinding his knife an Imp helping
Number 2: Death feasting on the Doctor
Number 3: Some Witches seized with pity come to the Doctor’s Assistance
Number 4: The Witches flying away with Death
Number 5: Patching up the Doctor
Number 6: Restoring him to Life
Number 7: He bids his friends Adieu!Condition: Generally very good, with the usual light toning, wear overall. Few small losses of black silhouette paper, could be restored as desired. Corners of each cut on the diagonal. Currently four are mounted on one larger brown sheet, and the other three are mounted on another sheet, but they can be removed from the backing sheets and displayed differently.

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19th Century