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Map, Oregon, Pictorial, Doris Wildman, Vintage Print, c. 1929


Doris Wildman (1902-after 1940)
American Association of University Women: c. 1929
Color process print
Signed in the matrix: Drawn by Doris Wildman
14.5 x 18.5 inches, image
16 x 20 inches, border
19.5 x 23.75 inches, overall

Historical pictorial map of Oregon emphasizing the early exploration and pioneer settlements during the American westward expansion of the 19th century. The geography is simplified, showing major rivers and mountain ranges rendered pictorially. Expedition routes are marked with different patterns of dotted and dashed lines. Each location is accompanied by a short caption explaining its historic significance. There are small illustrations throughout of animals, Native Americans, settlers, and ships in the ocean in a traditional style. In contrast, a stylized Art Deco border has repeated patterns of a breaching whale and seagulls over the ocean across the top and bottom, and mountain landscapes with fruit and wheat along the left and right. The upper center has a dramatic illustration of an eagle with wings spread perched on the state seal. The cartouche has the title on a banner with two facing beavers in front of it and below that the state’s Latin motto, “Alis volat propriis, meaning “she flies with her own wings.” The map is printed in shades of olive brown, rust brown, and dark brown on light tan paper. The border is shaded with a wide tan outline, mountain ranges are shaded in olive brown, as is the ocean. A compass rose is right of center and a mileage scale rendered as a compass and ruler is at the bottom center.

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This map is apparently quite rare. The Oregon State University Libraries archives lists a copy of a map by Doris Wildman called Early Exploration of State of Oregon and dated 1929, but no image is available online. It may be this map or a related one. Indeed, the Art Deco stylizations of the illustrations and lettering of this map are consistent with that time period.

In the upper right corner of the map is a poem by Edwin Markham (1852-1940), founder of the Poetry Society of America in 1910 and Oregon’s first poet laureate (1923-1931):

Gladly we turn our gaze,
Oregon, Oregon,
Turn again to the dauntless days,
Your hero world,
Where the Pioneer axes rang,
Where the wistful mothers sang
Whatever the pain or pang;
While over them all the eagles whirled,
Over the whitened summits whirled.

Doris Wildman, the designer of the map, is mentioned in an article in the Oregon Historical Society as the designer of a commemorative tablet dedicated to the British explorer who “discovered” the Columbia River in 1792. The article reports that the tablet was installed in 1929 in a ceremony attended by American and British dignitaries and was funded by an expenditure of $150 by the Oregon legislature. A Doris L. Wildman, born 1902, is listed in the 1940 U.S. census records for Portland, Oregon, as living in a home with her parents and brother. She is also listed as a part-time supplies clerk employed in the 1929-1930 Annual Report of the Library Association of Portland, Oregon. Given those connections to the art of design, the historical society, and the library, it seems likely that this Doris Wildman is the person who designed this map.

The American Association of University Women was founded nationally as the American Association of Collegiate Alumni in 1881. In 1905, a Portland branch was established and in 1923 national AAUW convention was held in Portland. It is perhaps the Portland branch that published this map.

Full publication information: Copyright by American Association of University Women.

Condition: Generally very good, paper uniformly toned tan, almost certainly as issued, with the usual light handling and wear. Minor dampstain lower left margin, not affecting image.


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