Corporate Gifts & Decor

Over the past three decades, the George Glazer Gallery has assisted corporations and other businesses in selecting special occasion gifts, especially ones to be presented to individuals to commemorate their retirement or another career milestone, or the closing of a major transaction. Gift recipients have included special clients and collaborators, as well. We have also helped our business clients select decor for their offices and boardrooms. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, law firms, investment banks, small specialized or boutique businesses, as well as non-profit organizations such as think tanks and museums. Generally, we have industry-specific prints and objects for presentation or decor related to law, medicine, architecture, telecommunications, transportation, science and engineering, aviation, agriculture, and manufacturing.

Antique and vintage globes, maps, and city views are especially popular gifts and popular boardroom, executive office, and lobby décor. They are particularly appropriate for individuals and organizations with an international outlook. Antique compasses are another favorite for conveying the theme of world travel, while antique gavels are a favorite for lawyers and judges, but also generally for chairpersons. We have supplied souvenir 19th-century Tiffany segments of the original Atlantic cable as gifts for individuals involved in communications technology.

The items below represent some gift and decorating ideas. We also have many more appropriate globes, maps, prints, books, and general antiques. Please check our website or contact us for personalized service in finding the perfect match for your corporate project.

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