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Map, New York City, Ile de New York, Revolutionary War Plan, Antique Print, c. 1807


John Marshall (editor)
Jean Nicolas Buache (1741-1825) (cartographer)
Île de New-York, Partie de Long-Island ou de l’Île Longue, et Positions des Armées Américaine et Britannique, Après le Combat livré sur les Hauteurs, le 27 Aout 1776
[Island of New York, Part of Long Island, and Positions of the American and British Armies, After the Battle Waged on the Heights, August 27, 1776]

from Vie De George Washington. Collection de Planches
[Life of George Washington: Collection of Plates]
Dentu, Paris: 1807
Engraving, uncolored
16.5 x 10.5 inches

French Revolutionary War map of Manhattan and parts of New Jersey, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Queens. The map illustrated a biography of George Washington and records troop movements and locations between August 22 and 27, 1776, now known as the Battle of Brooklyn. Rivers, elevated areas (“hauteurs”), marshes and major roads are indicated, as are positions of troops and names of their commanders. Ships are illustrated and labeled in the harbor.

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As shown on the map, British forces led by General William Howe landed on Long Island on August 22, planning to capture New York City and gain control of the Hudson River. On the 27th, they marched into Brooklyn Heights and outflanked General George Washington’s Continental Army. 1,000 American soldiers and 400 of the British died. However, Howe decided not to storm the Americans’ positions in Brooklyn Heights, allowing Washington to save the remainder of his army from capture by retreating to Manhattan two days later.

This map came from an atlas volume that accompanied the first French edition of John Marshall’s Life of George Washington, translated by Henry. Map historian R.V. Tooley says that the French geographer Jean Nicolas Buache made the maps.

Jean Nicolas Buache was a French geographer who held the title of First Geographer to the King of France. Buache was elected a member of the Academy of Sciences in 1770 and was charged by Louis XVI with mapping the French jurisdictions known as “bailliages.” He also authored numerous books, including Mémoires sur les Découvertes à Faire dans le Grand Océan (1797-98). He was the nephew of Philippe Buache, who had served as the first geographer to the king in 1729.

Full publication information: Dentu, Imprimeur-Libraire, Rue Du Pont-De-Lodi, No. 3. Paris: 1807.

Condition: Generally very good with the usual overall light toning and wear. Scattered very minor pale foxing. Center fold as issued. Frame good with the usual wear and shrinkage.


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