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Map, Hawaii, Pictorial, Parker Edwards for Dole, Vintage Print, 1937 (Sold)

Parker Edwards (1911-1987) (after)
The Dole Map of the Hawaiian Islands, U.S.A.
Independent Press Room, San Francisco: 1937
Color process print
17.25 x 35.25 inches, image
18.5 x 36.5 inches, overall

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Historical decorative pictorial map of Hawaii, issued in 1937 as a promotion for Hawaiian Pineapple Company, Ltd., producer of Dole Pineapples. At this time, Hawaii was still a territory, prior to becoming a state in 1959. As stated in the subtitle, the map is a “descriptive portrayal of the history, transportation, industries and geography.” The eight major Hawaiian islands are depicted in yellow against a blue field representing the ocean, and filled with playful line drawings of landmarks, animals, Hawaiians at work and play, plants and agricultural products, with an emphasis on pineapples. Historical events are also noted, from the arrival of the first inhabitants in 500 AD to the 19th-century. The upper and lower borders are decorated with pictures of indigenous flowers and fish respectively, all identified with their English or Hawaiian names. The rectangular cartouche lower center is surmounted by a smiling cartoon pineapple flanked by two seahorses. To its left is a compass rose decorated with a circular map of the Pacific ocean, locating the Hawaiian Islands with distances in miles to North America, Japan, and Australia.

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The pineapple industry in Hawaii began in 1901 when horticulturist James Dole began growing pineapples on Oahu and established the Hawaiian Pineapple Company. By 1915, the company was Hawaii’s second largest industry. In 1933, its marketers recognized Dole’s name as iconic, and began using it on canned pineapples and juice. The company eventually expanded into other fruits and produce, and the entire brand was named Dole, which it remains today.

Parker Edwards was an illustrator based in his native California. In 1940 he was living in San Francisco. He worked primarily in watercolor and made at least two pictorial maps, an iconic pictorial map of the Hawaiian Islands advertising Dole Pineapples and a map of the wineries in Sonoma County, California. Edwards was the third husband of the popular humor writer Peg Bracken.

Full Title: The Dole Map of the Hawaiian Islands, U.S.A. Being a descriptive portrayal of the history, transportation, industries and geography of the Territory of Hawaii, U.S.A.


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