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Illustration Art, Electrical Elf, Gary Viskupic, Vintage Drawing, 1989


Gary Viskupic (b. 1944)
[Electrical Elf]
Pen and ink
Signed and dated lower left: Viskupic ’89
Pencil inscription lower right: 4@5/5 line
17 x 14 inches

Whimsical drawing of a grinning elf perched on an electrical outlet wall plate. He leans out the top hole while his legs poke out the bottom socket, along with his tail, which is a wire with a narrow two-prong plug. Electricity crackles from his head, fingers (two of which are plugs) and beard. The pencil inscription lower right has printing instructions seen on other work from this period, so it possibly was drawn for publication in Newsday, where Viskupic was on the staff.

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Gary Viskupic is an American illustrator whose drawings have appeared in newspapers and magazines, and on book covers. Viskupic studied art at the University of Illinois and served as chief illustrator for the Long Island newspaper Newsday until the paper downsized its staff in 2004. There his large output ranged from straightforward portraits to commentaries on the news items he illustrated. From at least 1967, he also has published book cover art for Doubleday’s Book Club editions and for science fiction books, including the American versions of Doctor Who novelizations. He is renowned for his inventive, precise and often surrealistic artworks.

Condition: Generally very good with the usual overall light toning, wear, handling.


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