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Architectural Element, Plaque, Pisces Zodiac Constellation, Art Deco, Nickel-plated Bronze


Pisces Zodiac Sign
Architectural Ornament

American: 2nd Quarter 20th Century
Nickel-plated bronze
18 x 14 x 2 inches

A cast nickel-plated bronze ornament in the Art Deco taste, depicting the constellation figure of the zodiac sign Pisces — two fish facing opposite directions and connected by rope. The fish emblem is executed in low relief and supported between two slightly curved parallel bars, one with the word “Pisces” and the other with the zodiac symbol. It can be displayed as a hanging wall plaque.

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The ornament is a substantial and fine casting. The unfinished side edges (not visible from the front) suggest that it was probably part of a larger architectural element — perhaps a fountain or a gate. Its slightly convex shape reinforces the notion that it may have been incorporated into a large circular shape with the other 11 zodiac signs, and later disassembled. For example, the concept of decorating the perimeter of a round architectural structure with zodiac signs — in particular a fountain — has been used in the renowned Andrew W. Mellon Memorial Water Fountain, Washington, D.C. (designed by Paul Manship and Sidney Waugh,1952).

Condition: Generally very good with the usual light overall wear and oxidation. Small repaired crack in fish, possibly occurring in original casting.

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20th Century