The George Glazer Gallery offers a choice selection of American, English and Continental vintage and antique gavels, in various well-patinated woods such as mahogany, walnut, rosewood, and oak. Each shows the numerous design possibilities for the wood turner even with the simple form of mallet head and handle.

Gavels make a great gift for the chairman of the board, president, lawyer, judge, scholar or auctioneer. Gavels are fun for anyone to have on the desk — everyone is naturally drawn to hold and hammer! They symbolize authority, prestige, power, control, and order.

George Glazer’s collection of over 100 gavels was featured in the article “Vintage Gavels” in the October 2000 issue of Country Living Magazine. He is the leading worldwide antique dealer specializing in gavels.

We can also provide custom display stands.

How did the gavel evolve its symbolic meanings and ceremonial functions from its origin as a utilitarian stonemason’s tool? Learn more about the history of gavels in our online article, Gavel to Gavel Coverage.

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