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Map, United States, Pictorial, Agriculture and Meatpacking, Armour, Vintage Print, 1922


Armour’s Food Source Map
Armour and Company, Chicago: 1922
Color process print
25.75 x 39.75 inches

Pictorial map of the United States issued by Armour and Company to promote its national meatpacking business. The map, subtitled “The Greatness of the United States Is Founded on Agriculture,” may also be considered a “persuasive map.” It is filled with illustrations of farmers, herders, cowboys and fishers at work among the livestock, orchards, fields, and waterways. A numbered key lower right identifies the principal agricultural products associated with each state. States are outlined in black, but not labeled. According to map scholar Stephen J. Hornsby, the illustration was originally published as an advertisement in 1919 and separately issued three years later. The map offered here is from that first edition; the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee also has one in its collection that is reproduced in Hornsby’s book on pictorial maps. Armour published later editions in 1932, 1938 and 1960.

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In the upper right is a paragraph signed by the son of one of the founders, J. Ogden Armour (1863-1927), stating how important livestock products and the meatpacking industry are to American agriculture. This is further explained in three columns of text lower left under the heading “Packing Industry Links Farms With Cities and Enables Farmers to Get Highest Value for Agricultural Products.” A lengthy history of the US meatpacking industry from the early 19th century to the present is presented on the map verso under the title “Nation’s Ever-growing Food Problem Has Been Met by Packing Industry,” featuring Armour’s role and the benefits modern meatpacking had brought to American consumers. Small captioned line drawings illustrate the text.

Armour was founded in Chicago by the Armour brothers in 1867 and was the first meatpacking company to use refrigeration. It is now owned by Smithfield Foods.

Full publication information lower left: © 1922 Armour & Co.

Condition: Generally very good — the colors bright and the paper fairly crisp — the map with the usual overall light toning, wear, handling. Folds as issued, with some additional misfolds, with only very minor toning and weaknesses at folds and intersections. Seller can have the map professionally flattened for framing at an additional expense to the Purchaser of approximately $250.


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