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Map, Oregon, Pictorial, Keep Oregon Green: The Beaver State, H.J. Hayes, Vintage Print, 1962


Hugh J. Hayes (1914-2013) (after)
Keep Oregon Green: The Beaver State
Keep Oregon Green Association, Salem, Oregon: 1962
Color-process print
11.25 x 14.25 inches, overall

Pictorial map of the State of Oregon, created during the centennial year of Oregon statehood. The map is filled with and surrounded by captioned illustrations related to the history, topography and recreational opportunities in the state. It also incorporates an inset with almanac data. The state’s pioneer heritage and forest products and agriculture industries are prominently featured. The map was produced by the Keep Oregon Green Association, a forest fire prevention group still active today.

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The map was drawn by Hugh J. Hayes, a mapmaker, illustrator and draftsman who spent most of his life in Oregon. Before and after World War II, Hayes worked at the Oregon State Department of Forestry in Salem, Oregon. During the war, he served in the army with the 340th Engineer Regiment in Alaska and the Yukon Territory of Canada, working on projects related to highway construction, drawing maps, surveys and structure plans. He then spent almost two years in the South Pacific, drawing maps and designing bridges that had been destroyed. He returned to the Oregon State Department of Forestry in Salem in 1945. Until his retirement in 1993, his duties included drawing fire protection maps and safety cartoons, designing plans for guard stations and bridges, and illustrating field guides of Oregon trees.

The Keep Oregon Green Association is an environmental conservation and educational organization founded in 1940. Wildfire prevention has been an important part of its mission from the beginning. It is still based in Salem, Oregon, though it is now at a different address than when the map was produced.

Full publication information: “Compiled and drawn: Aug. 1 – 59 H.J. Hayes 1330 13th St. NE Salem, Ore. Printed & distributed by Keep Oregon Green Association in the interest of Forest Fire Prevention. Rev. 1-11-62. Keep Oregon Green Association — 275 State St. P.O. Box 411 — Salem, Oregon.”


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