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Map, North Pole, William Bauman, New York, Late 19th Century


William Bauman (lithograph artist)
Map of the North Polar Region
The Graphic Co., New York: c. 1876-1880
Folding lithographed map, now flattened and mounted on linen
25.75 x 32 inches, overall

Large circumpolar map centered on the North Pole with northern regions of the world. The routes of major Arctic expeditions, from Hudson (1607 to 1610) to about 1880, as well as points reached, are delineated throughout in red. The latest expedition cited is George S. Nares’ attempt in 1876 to reach the pole by way of Smith Sound and Robeson Channel and to explore the northern parts of Ellesmere Island as well as Northwest Greenland . Other expeditions shown include those of Mackenzie, Perry, Long, Wood, Hayes, Beechey, Green, and Rodgers.

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The map shows raised topography, major rivers, and a side view of Wrangell Land, as seen from Bark Nile of New London. The view is taken from the U. S. Hydrographic Office Chart No. 68, documented in the U.S.N. Pacific Surveying expedition in 1855, under Commander John Rodgers. A fine amount of attention is given in the portrayal of the northernmost coastlines of the continents of the northern hemisphere, with extensive detail given to Alaska and Northern Canada, among others.

Admiral John Rodgers (1812-1882) led the United States surveying and exploring expedition in the North Pacific and China Seas in 1852-55. In April, 1855, he made a voyage into the Arctic Ocean, obtaining valuable commercial and scientific information. He was commissioned commander, 14 September, 1855, and continued on special duty in connection with the report of the exploring expedition. During the Civil War, he served the Union side with distinction, rising to the rank of admiral by 1869. Elected a member of the National Academy of Sciences in 1863, he also made important contributions to science and technological development in such areas as lighthouse building, as chairman of the Light-House Board, and astronomy as director of the Naval Observatory.

Full publication information: The Graphic Co., 39 & 41 Park Place, New York.

Condition: Generally very good with the usual light overall toning and wear. Formerly dissected and folded, now professionally joined as one sheet on linen.


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