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Map, Midwest, Pictorial, Historical, Abraham Lincoln, Vintage Print, 1953


Karl Smith
Abraham Lincoln
Karl Smith, Greensboro, North Carolina: 1953
Color process print
Signed in the matrix, lower right: Karl Smith
14.5 x 19.75 inches, image
17 x 22 inches, overall

Historical pictorial map of the region where Abraham Lincoln grew up and spent his life prior to becoming president in 1861. The map encompasses portions of Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky. Geography is simple, including only the Wabash River and the Ohio River and two tributaries, and a few place names. The emphasis is on small illustrations of historic buildings and scenes from Lincoln’s life. Upper center is an oval portrait of Lincoln, similar to the 1864 Matthew Brady photograph that provided the model for the portrait on the five-dollar bill, flanked by a design of American flags and laurel leaves and with his name and “1809-1865.” The map includes nine inset illustrations with scenes from Lincoln’s life and two inset boxes in the lower left corner, one with the Gettysburg Address beneath the statue from the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC, and one with four illustrations of historic buildings in the Village of New Salem, Illinois, “Lincoln’s home from 1831 to 1837.”

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The nine inset illustrations with scenes from Lincoln’s life depict the log cabin he was born in, his first romance with Ann Rutledge, the famous Lincoln-Douglas debates, the building in Chicago where he was nominated for president, the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation, his inauguration procession, Lincoln delivering the Gettysburg Address, John Wilkes Booth running from the scene of Lincoln’s assassination, and the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. There is a decorative compass rose in the upper right corner. A large illustration that is part of the map’s lower right corner depicts his grandfather, also named Abraham Lincoln, walking alongside a covered wagon in 1782 when he and his family traveled through the Cumberland Gap to settle in Kentucky.

Karl Smith produced two versions of this map, the first published in 1934 and a revised version published in 1953. They have some similarities in basic cartography and concept, but the overall layout is different, with a different cartouche and portrait of Lincoln top center, and the addition in the 1953 version of nine inset illustrations along the top and two inset boxes in the lower left corner. The inset illustrations from the 1953 version are by and large based on ones that appeared in the 1934 version. The Sangamon River, which is partially rendered in the 1934 map, is omitted in the later one. They can be compared on our website: 1934 | 1953.

Karl Smith was a designer and illustrator of pictorial maps. His primary career was as an executive in the paper and graphic arts industries, but he drew maps as an avocation. Smith was also an active amateur historian who amassed a major collection on heraldry and genealogy and presented lectures on printing, paper, color, heraldry, and the life of Benjamin Franklin. In the 1930s and 1940s, the Speed Art Museum (then the J.B. Speed Art Museum) in Louisville, Kentucky, commissioned Karl Smith to make a series of pictorial maps of the states. In 1959 he created a series of four historical pictorial maps of the United States for Linweave Paper Company, showing the nation’s growth and development from the colonial era to the present. Over the course of his career he produced maps of North Carolina, Arkansas, Ohio, Mississippi, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Florida, the Stratford Plantation in Virginia, and historical maps of the lives of Abraham Lincoln and Robert E. Lee.

Condition: Generally very good, recently professionally cleaned and deacidified with only light remaining toning and wear.


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