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Illustration Art, Food Can Label, Hale’s Leader Brand, Evaporated Milk, Antique Painting, Early 20th Century


Hale’s Leader Brand Evaporated Sterilized Milk, Valencia Condensed Milk Co. Madison, Wis.
Minneapolis: c. 1906-1920
Gouache and ink on card stock
Stamped verso by Kimball-Storer Co.
4 x 10 inches

Hand-painted original illustration art created for the Kimball-Storer Company of Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is one of a group of six designs for canned food companies in Minnesota and Wisconsin that we are offering separately. Each is in a graphic style influenced by Art Nouveau. Although they are undated, most have text referring to the Food and Drugs Act of June 30, 1906. Other information about companies for which the labels were made suggests that as a group, the labels were produced no later than around 1920.

Illustrated with a hunting scene of man on horseback accompanied by hounds riding across a field, and various slogans. The scene is flanked by two arched rectangles left blank for other text or illustrations. Hand-lettered text includes: “Unsweetened, Uncolored, Best Milk on Earth, Purity at Any Cost, One Can of Hale’s Leader Milk Used Means Another Can Sold, The World Has Demanded a Pure Milk, Hale’s Leader Fills the Long Felt Want, Guaranteed by Valencia Condensed Milk Co., Under the Food and Drugs Act, June 30, 1906, Serial No. 56630.”

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Stamped verso: Kimball-Storer Co. 500 So. Fourth St. Minneapolis.

The Kimball-Storer Company was a Minneapolis, Minnesota, printing and firm that also published books. It was in business from at least 1897 to at least the 1920s.

Condition: Generally very good with the usual overall light toning, wear, handling associated with working illustration art.


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