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Globe, Specialty, Terrestrial, Illuminated, Rococo Base, Hungary, 2nd Quarter 20th Century


9.5-Inch Terrestrial Illuminated Globe
Hungary: 2nd Quarter 20th Century
Electrified painted glass globe on cast iron base
13 inches high

An unusual hand-painted electrified glass terrestrial globe on a rococo cast iron base with place names in Hungarian. Oceans are olive green; countries are yellow, orange, and light green. The painted geographical borders, names, and decorative illustrations are in raised black, brown and green relief lines. The globe is wired to plug into an outlet with a light bulb inside. When turned on, it glows a golden color. Present-day St. Petersburg is called Leningrad, dating it to after 1924; Anglo-Egyptian Sudan is shown dating it to before 1956. However, India is shown but not Pakistan, likely dating it even prior to 1947.

Geography is very simple, with some countries, oceans, and cities labeled. The United States is shown as Egyesugt Allamok and California is named Kalifornia. Otherwise United States places names are in English, but somewhat randomly included or excluded. Dallas is shown far northwest to its actual location; apparently it was confused with Denver. The names of oceans are on decorative banner designs. Other embellishments include an eight-point compass rose, a fish in the Pacific, and clipper ships in the Atlantic and Pacific.

Condition: Generally very good, with the expected scattered minor flaking, chipping or abrasions to paint.

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