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Map, United States, Pictorial, Nicknames of the States, Hill Hog Rings, Antique, Illinois, 1884

William Eugene Sutphin Trowbridge (born 1832) (after)
Charles E. Petford (act. 1880-1895) (after)
William Mackwitz (1831-1919) (engraver)
Nicknames of the States
H.W. Hill & Co., Decatur, Illinois: 1884
Color-printed wood engraving
11.75 x 22 inches, image
13 x 23.5 inches, overall

Humorous advertising promotional pictorial map of the United States, having nicknames of the states illustrated by caricature hogs. The colorful map takes liberties with the proportions of the states, which are stretched or compressed to fit the illustrations. The map is presented as a theatrical backdrop framed by curtains, with pigs dressed as an emcee and a clown standing on either side. Some of the nicknames and illustrations relate to actual state nicknames, such as “Knickerbocker,” the hog in Colonial dress in New York and “Tar Heel,” a hog standing over a kettle labeled “tar” in North Carolina. Others are whimsical inventions, such as a pig sporting longhorns called “Beef Head” for Texas and “Bug Eater,” a pig chasing a grasshopper in Nebraska.

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This rare promotional broadside was published by H.W. Hill & Co., an Illinois-based manufacturer of hog rings and other livestock markers. All the pigs in the illustrations sport triangular rings on their snouts. A triangular illustration in the lower center depicts a pig having a ring attached by two hands holding hog tongs, framed by the message, “142.000.000 Rings Sold.” Triangular hog rings were attached to the animals’ snouts to discourage rooting behavior.

The lower border bears the messages “Printed in Our Own Advertising Department. Copy of this Map Mailed for 5 One Cent Stamps. Sole Manufacturers of Hill’s Hog Ringers, Hill’s Triangular rings, Calf and Cow Weaners, Stock Markers & C.” In smaller type, Trowbridge and Petford of Chicago are credited with the design and W. Mackwitz of St. Louis with the engraving.

William Eugene Sutphin Trowbridge was an artist and illustrator active in or near Chicago from the 1850s to the early 1900s, appearing variously in Chicago directories first as a house and sign painter, and later as a designer, real estate and insurance agent, clerk, secretary and artist.

Charles E. Petford was a Chicago artist, scenic artist and designer, listed in city directories under those occupations from 1880 to 1890. He also is listed in an 1899 bibliography as having produced three maps of Palestine for Century School Supply Co. in Chicago that were published in 1895.

William Mackwitz was a German wood engraver who emigrated to St. Louis around 1856 and established an engraving firm known as W. Mackwitz that was active for the next 60 years.

Full publication information lower margin: H.W. Hill & Co. Decatur Illinois. H.W. Hill. C.P. Housum. W. Mackwitz Sc. St. Louis. Copyright – 1884 – By – H.W. Hill & Co.) Trowbridge & Petford Des. Chi.

Condition:  Generally very good, recently professionally cleaned and deacidified with minor remaining overall toning and wear.  Originally issued folding, now professionally flattened and and laid on Japanese paper, with some remaining toning and wear at folds and intersections.


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