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Globe, American, Rand McNally, Terrestrial World, 3-Inch Paperweight Globe, Pedestal Stand, Chicago, c. 1900 (Sold)

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Rand McNally
3-Inch Terrestrial Paperweight Globe

Chicago: c. 1891 to 1914
Nickel-plated brass base
5.25 inches high

The terrestrial globe canted at an angle in uncalibrated half meridian, raised on a nickel-plated stand with foliate central support on round disk base. Canada is colored yellow, Alaska and North America pink, and Mexico and Greenland creamy yellow; oceans colored light blue. St. Petersburg is shown indicating a date before 1914.

This globe was marketed by Rand McNally as a paperweight globe. The Rand McNally three-inch paperweight globe with half meridian was also available with a glass domed base that served as a magnifier or with a similarly shaped wooden domed base.

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Shield-form cartouche on globe: RAND,/ McNALLY &/ CO.’s/ New 3 INCH/ TERRESTRIAL/ GLOBE/

Additional Legend on Globe in South Indian Ocean: Rand, McNally & Co’s/ New 3 Inch/ Terrestrial Globe./ Copyright 1891, by/ Rand McNally & Co.