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Globe, American, Rand McNally, Terrestrial World, 12-Inch Table Globe, Pedestal Stand, Chicago, c. 1930s


Rand McNally & Company
12-Inch Terrestrial Table Globe
Chicago: c. 1930-31
Turned mahogany stand
22.25 inches high, 8 inch diameter base

The terrestrial globe is surmounted by a finial and a metal hour disc divided into day and night, set on a metal inclination arm at 23.5 degrees, and raised on a mahogany stand with turned central baluster standard and dish base with inset iron ring on the underside for weighting.

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Oceans are green, land masses are tan with thin black outlines and mountain ranges are indicated by gray shading. Principal rivers, bodies of water, cities, and regions within nations are labeled. Istanbul with “Constantinople” in parentheses is shown, indicating a date soon after 1930, when the name change occurred. Many small islands are labeled in parentheses with the name of the country or colonial power that controlled them, e.g. (Br.) for Britain. Central Australia is a separate territory, limiting the globe‚Äôs period from between 1927 and 1931. A few features on the coast of Antarctica are labeled, but the bulk is labeled “Unexplored.” These geographical notations suggest that the globe gores were designed c. 1930-31.

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Cartouche: RAND MCNALLY/ TWELVE INCH/ TERRESTRIAL GLOBE/ SCALE 1:42,000,000/ 1 inch = 664 Statue Miles/ or 576 Nautical Miles/ cm = 420 Kilometers/ Copyright by Rand McNally & Company, Chicago/ Made in U.S.A.

Condition: Globe generally fine, noting the usual light wear, toning, and soiling. Few small abraded areas restored. Varnish slightly irregular in some places.

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Wood, Mahogany