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View, New York, New Rochelle, Long Island Sound, Neptune House, Antique Print, 1840s


James S. Baillie (act. 1838-1855) (lithographer)
View of the Neptune House, New Rochelle, West Chester Co. N.Y.
Baillie, New York: c. 1845-1847
Hand-colored lithograph
8 x 13 inches, image border
10 x 14 inches, overall

Lithograph prospect view of Neptune House, a large multistory summer resort on Neptune Island in Long Island Sound. Neptune Island is part of the City of New Rochelle, New York, in Westchester County. It is connected by a causeway to the mainland. Viewed from across the water, the resort stands on a tree-covered hillside with an American flag flying from its roof. Beside the resort is a small building with the sign C.F. Rice’s Store. Visitors on foot and in horse-drawn carriages enjoy the promenade at the water’s edge. A steamship labeled American EagleĀ­ and two sailboats pass in the foreground. This print likely was intended as a promotional advertisement for the resort, and possibly also the C.F. Rice store and the steamboat company. It can be dated to 1845-1847 based on the publisher’s address. The Smithsonian Institution has another imprint of this hand-colored lithograph; nonetheless, apparently it is scarce.

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Neptune House was built by Isaac Underhill and his wife Deborah in 1837 in the center of a wooded island, part of New Rochelle, New York. It became so popular that the island became known as Neptune Island. Private steamboat companies, including American Eagle, whose boat is shown in this print, shuttled passengers between New York City and the Neptune House dock, and a coach made daily trips between the resort and New York’s Brunswick Hotel. One section of the original hotel still stands today, divided into four private homes. Part of the island is now a public park.

James S. Baillie was a lithographer and publisher based in New York City, where he began his career in the late 1830s as a picture framer. In the 1840s he worked as a colorist for the publisher Currier & Ives and published a large number of prints under his own imprint, J. Baillie. He issued a wide variety of popular lithographs of the historical and genre type published by Currier, as well as maritime landscapes, comics and political cartoons. In 1854 and 1855 he concentrated on painting instead of lithography; he does not seem to have been active as an artist after that.

Full publication information: Lith. & Pub. by J. Baillie 118 Nassau St. N.Y.


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