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View, Long Island, Patchogue Manor, Antique Print, 1910

Patchogue Manor
The Moessner Company, New York: 1910
Color process print, varnished and mounted on board
8 x 24 inches, image size
12 x 27.5 inches, overall
13.5 x 29.25 inches, framed

Rare bird’s-eye view advertising broadside for the proposed development of Patchogue Manor by the Great South Bay Development Co. in 1910. The venture was to be located on the South Shore of Long Island, New York, along Patchogue Bay in Suffolk County between the Blue Point dock to the west, Patchogue to the east, and Holtsville to the north. The view takes the overall form of a map depicting Long Island together with Long Island Sound in the distance and parts of Manhattan. The proportions of the map are exaggerated to emphasize the location of the proposed development at larger than actual scale. Towns in the Patchogue area are labeled. The map also shows the numerous bridges crossing the East River from Manhattan to Long Island. Rail lines across Long Island are shown with trains on them. Some major roads are also prominently shown, as well as ships and recreational boats in the Atlantic Ocean. The print is in tones of neutral green and pale blue.

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An oval inset view in the upper left corner shows Pennsylvania Station in New York City. In the opposite upper corner are two rectangular illustrations of the development apparently copied from contemporaneous postcards. One shows the dock and swimmers in the ocean in front of the beachfront Clifton Hotel, the largest of about three dozen resort hotels in Patchogue at that time. The other illustration shows the Patchogue railway station. The views of the railroad stations in New York City and Patchogue, as well as railroad lines across Long Island, were presumably included to convey that the community would be easily reached by rail from New York City. Moreover, the prominence of bridges from Manhattan and roads across Long Island was likely to emphasize that Patchogue could also be conveniently reached by car. The beachfront view as a recreational summer resort, with boats in the ocean, and with easy access from New York City by rail, was a typical promotional theme for Long Island real estate development in this period.

As of January 2018, the existence of Patchogue Manor (as well as this broadside) was unknown to the historians at the Greater Patchogue Historical Society so it might reasonably be assumed that the project was never built. According to an officer of the GPHS, during the 1910s, there were several auctions of large estates in the area, so it is possible that this print was issued as a promotional piece to raise additional capital for the Great South Bay Development Company so they could participate in these auctions with a view to a resort development.

The Great South Bay Development Company is relatively unknown as well.  It was incorporated in New York City. Its leaders were listed in a 1915 directory at the time with August O. Elmer, George W. Hess and Hy M. Landgraff as directors, with the company having 100,000 in capital.

Title Cartouche: Patchogue/ Manor/ Long Island N.Y./ The Great South Bay Development Co./ Incorporated under State Laws of New York/ Capital $100,000.00/ 1135 Broadway N.Y. City/ Telephone 7598 7599 Madison Sq./ Copyright 1910.­

Condition: Color process photographic tonal print, varnished, and mounted on board, probably as issued. Print generally very good with the usual overall light toning, some irregularities to varnish layer. Varnish layer results in some of the blue tones appearing slightly greener. Frame, likely original, good with the usual light wear, handling, abrasions, losses to finish.


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