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Science, Physics, Nuclear Reactor, Jiri Havlin, Vintage Poster, Czech, 1959


Jiří A. Havlín (act. 1940s-present) (after)
Jana Tůmy (author and editor)
Svoboda, Prague-Smichov (printer)
Atomový Reaktor [Atomic Reactor]
State Educational Publishing House, Prague: 1959
26.25 x 37.75
Color-process print mounted on rollers

Educational poster of a nuclear reactor, created for classroom use by the State Educational Publishing House of Czechoslovakia in 1959 and mounted on rollers. A relatively early depiction of what was then emerging technology, the perspective drawing shows a cutaway view of the reactor and a worker in coveralls and hardhat standing beside it for scale. The poster is printed in shades of red, blue, black and cream. The parts of the reactor are numbered, and five inset diagrams arranged in a vertical row on the right depict related uses and principles of nuclear technology. A label on the back provides more detailed explanations and information. Credits on the label on the back of the poster state that it was approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture on December 11, 1958. The label also states it was part of “Thematic Group 32,” so presumably there was a series of posters to which it belonged. The poster artist, Jiří A. Havlín, as of 2018 was still active as an artist, painting and exhibiting colorful Expressionist landscapes.

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Jiří A. Havlín is a Czech landscape painter and teacher. Born in the South Moravian town of Hrušovany nad Jevišovkou, he studied with the painters Josef Trouchl and Karel Novák. He graduated college with degree in fine arts and arts education shortly after the Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia. The political upheaval interfered with his plan to concentrate solely on his artistic career. He became an art teacher, teaching drawing, painting, graphics, and history of art, while continuing to paint, especially landscapes. He also designed posters in the 1950s and ’60s. He exhibited frequently in Brno with a group of art educators from the 1970s. After the fall of the Communist regime in Czechoslovakia and the opening of borders, he began painting and exhibiting in nearby Austria as well as his home country. In recent years, he has had two solo exhibitions in the Austrian city of Laa an der Thaya, another in Brno, Hrotovice in South Moravia, the House of Art in Znojmo, the K-GALERIE in Kopřivnice in northern Moravia and the exhibition spaces of the ancient Spital in Jaroměřice nad Rokytnou.

Full publication information, lower margin: Atomový Reaktor. Namaloval Jiří Havlín pod obdborným vedenim inž. Jana Tůmy. Vydalo Státni pedagogicke nakladatelstvi, n. p. Praha – 1959.­­

Condition: Generally very good with the usual overall expected toning, handling, soft creases, wear for an educational chart.


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