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Science, Medical, Anatomy, Diagram, Skeleton, Diehl, Pair Antique Prints, New York, 1888


Conrad Diehl (1842-1933) (after)
Two Skeletal Anatomy Prints (Plates I & III)
Two Musculature Anatomy Prints (Plates II & IV)

from Diehl’s Anatomy for Artists and Students
F.W. Devoe & Co., New York: 1888
25.25 x 20.5 inches each
$750 per pair (2 pair shown)

Four anatomy plates of standing human figures designed and drawn as references “for artists and students” by Professor Conrad Diehl. Plates I and III shows the skeletal structure and blood vessels from the front and back respectively. Plates II and IV follow the same scheme but concentrate on the muscles. The drawings are extensively labeled with anatomical nomenclature. These plates were originally sold as a portfolio of four. They are being offered here as two pairs.

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Conrad Rossi Diehl was an American artist and educator born in Germany. His family fled to the U.S. during the revolution of 1848, when Diehl was a young child, and settled in Philadelphia. There he was apprenticed as a lithographer. In 1860, Diehl returned to Europe to study art in Munich and Paris for a total of five years. He settled in Chicago in 1868, where he became a professor at the newly established Academy of Design. In 1871, he moved to St. Louis and taught art in the public schools as well as serving as director of the St. Louis Art School. From 1879 to 1885, he served as chair of the Art Department of Missouri State University. Diehl moved to New York City in 1886 where he taught at the Hebrew Technical Institute and perfected a freehand drawing course. He authored numerous books and articles on art pedagogy, design, ornament and anatomy for artists. Diehl obtained two patents on devices for teaching drawing. Aside from his pedagogical materials, Diehl’s artwork followed in the tradition of history painting, depicting allegorical and literary subjects such as scenes from Shakespeare.

F.W. Devoe & Co. was a manufacturer and importer of art supplies in New York City.

Condition: Generally very good with the usual overall light toning and wear. Few short marginal tears, restored. Preserved in original paper wraps, included with purchase of all four.


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