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Reference Book, Antique Globes, The World In Your Hands: Globes and Planetaria, Christies, 1994


Tom Lamb and Jeremy Collins, Editors
The World In Your Hands: An Exhibition of Globes and Planetaria
Christie, Manson & Woods, London; Museum Boerhaave, Leiden: 1994

Reference book on antique globes.

Ground-breaking exhibit of the globe collection of Rudolf Schmidt of Austria, held at Christies. Not an auction catalog, but an exhibition catalog, with globes from other sources shown as well. Many color illustrations, with easy-to-follow useful captions. Short articles by Elly Dekker and Arthur Middleton on globe history, and Sylvia Sumira on globe construction. A practical guide to collecting globes, with many of the examples of the type available in the marketplace.

Bibliographic information
The World in Your Hands: An Exhibition of Globes and Planetaria : from the Collection of Rudolf Schmidt : an Exhibition at Christie’s Great Rooms, 25th August-9th September, 1994, and at Museum Boerhaave, 18th March-24th September, 1995
Editors Tom Lamb, Jeremy Collins
Contributors Rudolf Schmidt, Museum Boerhaave, Christie, Manson & Woods
Publisher Museum Boerhaave, 1994
Length 122 pages

Fine unused condition.

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20th Century, exhibition catalog, softcover