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Maritime, Instrument, Lantern, Marine Search Lamp, Old Sol, Brass, Antique, c. 1915


Brass Portable Lamp
Marine Searchlamp Old Sol, Model No. 56
Hawthorne Manufacturing Co., Bridgeport, CT, c. 1915
Nickel-plated brass, other metals, glass lens
9.5 inches high 6 inches wide, 7 inches deep

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A brass “Marine Searchlamp,” adjustable in angle on a contiguous stand, as issued. The lamp has a glass lens, concave mirrored interior, and is inset with a red and and a blue glass reflector on either side to indicate port and starboard. It has screw holes in the flange of the stand for mounting. It probably was lit with an external power source.

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A number of models of Old Sol lamps were produced by Hawthorne Manufacturing Company, Bridgeport, Connecticut at the turn of the century, mostly for bicycles and motorcycles. This larger unusual model was made for a boat — Model 56 available for five dollars — as described in an advertisement in Motor Boating, July 1915:

Marine Searchlamps — the choice of the Motor Boat enthusiast. The OLD SOL Marine Searchlamp is to the motor boat the same relative importance as is the searchlight to the battleship. No. 56 is equipped with port and starboard signals.

The OLD SOL Searchlamp, placed conveniently so that it can be turned at any angle — front, back and sideways — is an added comport and safety in motorboating. Useful for picking up the buoy, docking, telegraphing (there is a regular code), and for hundreds of other uses where a Safety First lamp is wanted.

Strongly built and handsomely finished, an OLD SOL Marine Searchlamp, besides being necessary, will add beauty to the equipment of any boat.

Send for OLD SOL 1915 Catalog
Pacific Coast Representatives: Bailey-Drake Co.,
604 Mission St., San Francisco, Cal.

Hawthorne Mfg. Co., Inc.
6 Spruce Street, Bridgeport, Conn

Condition: Generally very good with the usual overall wear. Nickel plating considerably worn to underlying brass. Lamp does not light up; sold as a decorative collectible, not for lighting use.