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Scientific, Instrument, Magnifier Bockett Microscope Lamp, Charles Collins, London, Antique, c. 1860s-1900

Bockett Microscope Lamp
Charles Collins, London: c. 1860s-1900
Brass with glass lens and kerosene lamp
1.75 inches, lens diameter
5 inches, base diameter
9 inches, height overall
Prop for rental or sale; please inquire for pricing.

Bockett Microscope Lamp, an apparatus for illuminating a microscope slide. Of typical form, the magnifying lens is set in a brass ring on an adjustable arm, the round brass base enclosing a glass kerosene lamp.  The top of the base is engraved in capital letters, “Collins, London/ Bockett Microscope Lamp.” The Bockett model was available from Collins from at least 1867. Collins later produced these lamps with a metal shade.

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Charles Collins, Sr. (1837-c. 1915) produced microscopes and other optical instruments under his own name from 1863 until the early 1900s in London. They were priced in the midrange for such equipment and mainly sold to students, amateur scientists and medical professionals. He was a member of the Royal Microscopical Society in 1866 to 1892.

Full publication information: Collins, 77 Great Titchfield Street, London

Condition: Generally very good with the usual overall wear and oxidation to brass.A glass chimney for the lamp and brass chimney holder are now lacking; according to an article on, “[Collins Bockett] Lamps with their original chimneys/shades are rare nowadays.”


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