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Globes, Reference, School Supply Company, Denoyer-Geppert, Successful Teaching with Globes, 1959 (Reserved)

Clarence B. Odell (Managing Editor)
Successful Teaching with Globes
Denoyer-Geppert Co., Chicago, Illinois: 1957
Second Printing: 1959
Catalog, printed paper covers, 48 pp.

Cover Subtitle:
Geographic Knowledge for World Understanding

Contents Include:
Section 1: Growing up in a Globe World
Section 2: Objectives of Globe Use
Section 3: Understanding Our Earth through the Use of the Globe
Section 4: List of World Place names, etc.

Images show a selection of pages and excerpts from this manual, produced by the Denoyer-Geppert Company as a teachers’ guide.

Full publication information: Denoyer-Geppert Co., 5235 Ravenswood Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.

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