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Globes, Postcards, New Year’s Day, c. 1910 (Reserved)

As the Months run round the Earth, Let each bring you Joy and Mirth!
[New Year’s Day Postcard]
Lubrie & Elkins, New York: c. 1910
Chromolithograph on embossed card stock

New Year’s embossed holiday postcard with jesters and clowns dancing in a ring around a globe and decorated with sprigs of holly, against a sky blue background. The message “As the Months run round the Earth, May each bring you Joy and Mirth!” is printed in gold Gothic lettering. The embossing cleverly shows through on the back decorating the message and address portion. The card is postmarked December 29, 1910 from Berkeley, California, which helps date it. It is addressed in brown ink to a recipient in Sacramento and has a cancelled postage stamp attached. In small letters running along the left margin on the back it is labeled “L. & E. Serie 2266.”

Lubrie & Elkins were an important publisher of art and holiday postcards, including designs by the illustrator H.B. Griggs.


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