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Globe, Table, 1.75-inch Diameter, Terrestrial, Miniature, Pocket, Snellgrove, Antique, British, 19th Century


C. Snellgrove (seller)
1.75 inch Terrestrial Miniature Table Globe
London: 2nd Half 19th Century
Mahogany stand, brass meridian
4 inches high, 2 inch diameter base

The miniature terrestrial globe, of pocket globe size, within brass half meridian, is raised on a turned mahogany stand with central standard and dish base. The globe bears the name of C. Snellgrove.  A stationer trading as C. Snellgrove is known to have been active in London in 1887 and possibly earlier; presumably is was that firm whose name appears on the globe.  It may be further presumed that as a stationer, Snellgrove was the seller rather than the manufacturer of the globe. Apparently this globe is rare; no other examples of Snellgrove globes have been located.

Geographical information is minimal, with continents and oceans labeled, and some countries named. Continents are outlined in red or green. Place names on the globe confirm that it was made in the 19th century: Bolivia was founded in 1825; Southern Africa is labeled Cape Colony, which was in existence from 1814 to 1910; the Hawaiian Islands are called the Sandwich Islands, a name that was officially changed in 1840 and was out of use by the 1850s. Canada is labeled British Territory. The Meridian of London is labeled, which further indicates this was a British globe.

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Condition: Generally good, recently professionally restored to remove varnish and restore a few minor cracks and abrasions (some of which have caused minor scattered lightening or loss to some cartographic details), then revarnished. Globe now nonetheless retains some scattered persistent darker remnants of original varnish and/or toning to paper, causing an overall mottled appearance, with a few cartographic lines or details obscured, and with minor cracks well filled but still discernible. Globe appearance is better in person than in pictures shown on our website (which accentuate darker toning areas), but it still overall definitely exhibits these condition issues. Overall this rare small globe on stand is quite charming, presenting quite well.


The Photographic News: A Weekly Record of the Progress of Photography. Vol. 31, No. 1482. 28 January 1887, p. viii. Online at Google Books: (28 August 2017).

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19th Century

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Half meridian, Turned wood


Wood, Mahogany