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Globe, Pocket, 3-Inch Celestial, Miniature Mahogany Stand, British, Newton, London: 2nd Quarter 19th C. (Sold)

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3-Inch Celestial Miniature Globe
London: 2nd Quarter 19th Century
Mahogany stand
7.75 inches high

The celestial pocket globe in full calibrated brass meridian raised on a miniature floor stand, the manuscript horizon band calibrated with months and signs of the zodiac, raised on a tripod mahogany stand with three quadrant supports for the horizon, turned legs united by turned lower stretcher, joined at central turned finial. Constellations named but not drawn as figures, the stars shown to several orders of magnitude but with no key, overall shaded olive green with milky way shown in cream color.

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A charming miniature floor globe.   The stand appears to be one of a number made in the late 19th century by an unknown craftsman who custom made fancy decorative stands for small English globes, 3 to 6 inches in diameter.  We have seen several of these globes and they all bear the same characteristic manuscript horizon band and calibrated meridians.  The stands are of high quality, hand made and highly decorative in traditional English design.

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Rectangular cartouche with inset edges:  NEWTON’s/ Improved Pocket/ Celestial GLOBE


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19th Century