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Globe, American, Replogle, Terrestrial World, 12-Inch Table Globe, Mahogany Stand, Chicago, 1934

Replogle Globes, Inc.
12-Inch Terrestrial Table Globe
Chicago: 1934 (copyright)
Mahogany stand
16 inches high; 16 inches diameter overall

The terrestrial globe is surmounted by a metal hour ring, within a calibrated full meridian, raised on a mahogany stand with full horizon raised on four scrolled legs with carved decoration, on a quadripartite incurved molded mahogany plinth having central wooden domed meridian guide and ending in flattened bun feet. It has extensive geographic information, indicated according to a legend printed on the Pacific Ocean.

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Oceans colored blue, faded to olive green. Geographic entities in various faded colors, including orange, green, yellow, and tan, some with yellow, green or brown outlining. Mountain ranges and deserts are shaded with hatch marks and dots. Manchukuo is shown, indicating a date between 1936 and 1945, although the copyright notice gives a date of 1934. Antarctica has this legend: “South Pole Reached: Amundsen by sled Dec. 14, 1911/ Scott by sled Jan. 18, 1912/ Byrd by plane Nov. 29, 1929.” Steamship lines with distances in nautical miles are shown in the oceans with tiny illustrations of ships beside them. Railroads, caravan routes, canals and submarine cables are also indicated. The equator, ecliptic and International Date Line are graduated. There is a figure-eight analemma in the Pacific Ocean.

A Legend on the globe provides a key to lines, symbols, and graphics used on the globe to indicate the following: Railroad, Caravan Route, Canal, Submarine Cable, Steamship Route, Distances in nautical miles, Boundary, Country Name, Capital, Town, Ruin, Glacier, Desert, Mountain, Peak [or] Volcano, Elevations in Feet, Swamp, Shelf Ice, Ocean Current, Water Name, Length of a degree Longitude at Latitude shown. The Legend states, “Spellings according to Authority of the U.S. Geographic Board,” below which is a key to symbols indicating populations, and three distance scales for Statute Miles, Nautical Miles, and Kilometers.

This is a relatively early Replogle 12-inch globe, and one of the few to be dated. Other extant very similar examples also bear the following legend after the 1934 copyright date: “Constr. & designed by/ Ferd von. Schwedler, Geogr.” The globe has significant stylistic similarities to globes produced by George Philip of London of the period and thus might have been derived from Philip globe gores. The stand is of traditional Georgian style, of a general higher quality than typical for Replogle globes of this period.

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Art Deco Oval Cartouche:  12 inch/ Library/ Globe/ Replogle/ Globes Inc./ Chicago

Additional Copyright Legend:  Made in U.S.A. Copyright 1934/ REPLOGLE GLOBES, INC.

Condition: Generally very good with the usual light toning, soiling, wear, restored minor cracks and abrasions.

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Wood, Mahogany