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Globe, American, Rand McNally, Terrestrial World, 6-Inch Table Globe, Wire Stand, Chicago, c. 1902


Rand, McNally & Co.
6-Inch Terrestrial Table Globe
Chicago: c. 1902
Wire stand
9 inches high

The terrestrial globe is mounted on a simple “wire” stand. A continuous bent iron “wire” — actually a relatively stiff thin rod — serves as an axis through the globe with a small portion exposed through the North Pole secured by a domed washer. It extends below from the axis at the South Pole as a stand, with an inclination arm at 23 degrees formed of twisted wire, supported by a round base formed of the wire as bent in a circle.

Geographic entities are outlined in green and colored in green yellow, and pink (faded). Isothermal lines for January and July are indicated in blue and red respectively. Geography shows major cities and rivers, with mountain ranges highlighted with hatched shading. St. Petersburg is shown indicating a date before 1914. The ecliptic, equator and epuinoctial and solstitial colures are indicated by dashed lines. The northern coast of Antarctica is only partially mapped, with the rest labeled Antarctic Ocean. There is an oval analemma in the Pacific Ocean.

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Rand McNally first issued a selection of table globes in the early 1890s — a 12-inch, 8-inch, and 3-inch globe with gores copyrighted 1891, and a 6-inch globe (such as this one) with gores copyrighted 1892. In addition, an 18-inch globe was issued by Rand McNally, copyrighted 1894. These globes were often updated and bear the original and updated copyright information in the South Pacific Ocean. This particular example, with updated copyright date 1902, was issued as an inexpensive globe for students, on a very simple bent iron rod stand that was referred to by the company as a “wire” stand. It appears in a 1902 Rand McNally trade catalog as “No. 1. 6-inch, wire stand Globe, $0.50.”

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Legend in South Pacific Ocean: Rand McNally & Co.’s/ New Six Inch Terrestrial Globe./ Copyright, 1902, by Rand, McNally & Co./ Copyright, 1892, by Rand, McNally & Co.

Key under cartouche: Isothermal Lines for January [blue lettering]/ Isothermal Lines for July [red lettering]

Condition: Generally very good, the colors fairly bright, the globe fairly clean, with only minor toning, wear, and handling.


A Descriptive Catalogue of Maps, Globes, and School Supplies 1902. 2nd ed. Chicago: Rand, McNally & Company, 1902. p. 86.

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