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Globe, American, Denoyer-Geppert, Terrestrial, World, 18-Inch Floor Globe, Tripod Art Nouveau Stand, Chicago, c. 1925-30 (Sold)

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Denoyer-Geppert, Company, Chicago (seller)]
Weber Costello & Co., Chicago (intermediate supplier)
G.W. Bacon & Co. Ltd., London (globe gore printer)
18-Inch Terrestrial Floor Globe
Chicago, c. 1925-30
Art Nouveau tripod iron stand
45 inches high; 24 inches diameter overall including horizon

An attractive full-sized floor globe on a traditional Art Nouveau tripod iron stand. The terrestrial globe is surmounted by a tin hour circle, in full meridian with raised numerals and encircled by a horizon band, with applied paper calendar and zodiac. The faux bronze, cast iron stand is decorated with raised foliate and naturalistic motifs, having down-swept legs joined by a tri-form medial stretcher, ending in claw feet enclosing glass balls.

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The gores (maps on the globe’s surface) were printed by the London firm of G.W. Bacon, imported and manufactured into the globe by the American school supply firm Weber Costello for school supply company Denoyer-Geppert.  Oceans are green (blue which has yellowed over time), geographic entities are various cream and green tones.  A reference key indicates railways, ocean currents, isothermal lines and the International Date Line.  Leningrad is shown, which dates this globe to after 1924, and Constantinople rather than Istanbul is shown, indicating a date before c. 1930-32.  This model Art Nouveau stand was popular for 18-inch American globes, designed and first manufactured at the turn of the 20th century, continuing in use by various globe makers to about 1930.

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Weber Costello Diamond Cipher [above overlabel]: TIME TESTED/W.C./ SCHOOL SUPPLIES

Round Cartouche [overlabel]:  18 INCH GLOBE [above overlabel]/ SCHOOL/ MAP PUBLISHERS/ DENOYER-/ GEPPERT /COMPANY / CHICAGO

Reference Table [below cartouche]:

Natural Scale – 1:27,500,000

Railways shown thus
Warm currents Cold Currents
International Date Line
Isothermal lines for January
Isothermal lines for July
Temperature of Isothermal Lines in Fahrenheit

[There are two additional reference boxes below table  — one regarding latitude and longitude, the other regarding curvature of earth’s surface.]

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