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Fine Art, Painting, Guatemalan Weaver, by Nicolas Rubio, Oil on Board, Argentina, 1976

Nicolás Rubio (born 1928)
Gloria al Tejedor de Antigua (Guatemala)
[Glory to the Weaver of Antigua]
Argentina: 1976
Oil on medium density fiberboard, in the artist’s custom frame
7 x 18.5 inches, image
12.5 x 23.5 inches, frame
Provenance: Wildenstein Gallery, Buenos Aires
Price on request

Painting illustrating a traditional Guatemalan weaver at work within an intricate frame constructed and hand-painted by the artist. It was part Argentine artist Nicolás Rubió’s “Serie de los artesanos” [artisan series]. Guatemala has a strong tradition of Mayan weaving and Antigua is a small city there with a rich cultural history, including a textile tradition. This particular painting portrays the weaver at his loom with tools of the trade and rugs he has produced. The linear, highly patterned style Rubio employs evokes the texture of woven textiles. The label from Wildenstein Gallery of Buenos Aires notes that this painting was “No. 1” in an exhibition held in November 1977, presumably at Wildenstein.

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Nicolás Rubió is an Argentine Modernist painter. Born in Spain, his family went into exile during the Spanish Civil War in 1936 and first lived in Vielles in Auvergne, France, before settling in Argentina. His style has at times incorporated elements of Latin American folk art and of fileteado, a genre of decoration associated with Buenos Aires incorporating stylized linear designs, lively colors, and plant forms. He also participated in a major exhibition of the Informalist movement in the 1950s. His large series of 600 paintings on life in Vielles and the work he made for the writer Henry Pourrat, were honored with an award from the French government. He has exhibited in various galleries and museums in Buenos Aires, including Galería Witcomb (1967), Galería Wildenstein (1981), the Quinquela Martin Museum (2012), and the Museo de Arte Popular José Hernández (2017).


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