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Botanical, Art, Garden Flowers, Primula, Cowslip, Pair Framed Early Watercolors, Continental, 18th Century


Primula Veris Flore Palido, No. 34
Primula Veris Flore Luteo, No. 43
Continental School: 18th Century
Watercolors on paper
20 x 24 inches, overall
17 x 10.75 inches, border
$1,600, the pair

Pair of original early botanical paintings of varieties of Primula veris, a member of the primrose family commonly known as the cowslip. As is typical for the era, the rendition is very precise with an emphasis on the scientific aspects rather than decorative flourishes — possibly for a study of the plants as herbal remedies, since cowslips have medicinal uses. Each specimen is shown in a ruled border with flowers, leaves and roots, and hand-lettered calligraphic inscriptions giving the plate numbers and titles.

Paper watermarked: IMPERIAL

Condition: Generally good, toned overall, and with scattered foxing.


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