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View, Mexico, Orizava, Casimiro Castro, Antique Print, 1855-56


Casimiro Castro (artist and lithographer) (1826-1889)
Orizava [Orizaba]
from México y sus alrededores
V. Debray, Portal del Coliseo Viejo, Mexico: c. 1855-1856
9 x 14 inches, image
11.75 x 17.5 inches, overall

Detailed bird’s-eye view of what was known as Orizava (now called Orizaba), a Mexican city in a sunlit valley, a mountain range rising in the distance through low-lying clouds. The view is bisected by a wide thoroughfare; on either side are churches, terracotta roofs and palm trees. In the upper right rises the snow-capped Pico de Orizaba (Citlaltépetl), the third highest peak in North America and the tallest in Mexico.

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Casimiro Castro was a Mexican lithographer, draftsman and painter, considered one of the great Mexican lithographers and landscape artists of the 19th century. Early in his career he trained with a lithographer, painter and stage designer, and lithographed other artists’ work. He made the drawings and, with the assistance of J. Campilo and others, about 30 lithographs for the album México y sus alrededores (1855-56), published by Decaen, of which he became director in 1880. He produced depictions of other towns, including Orizaba, Jalapa and Puebla, as well as the fine color lithograph illustrations for the Album del ferrocarril mexicano [Album of the Mexican Railroad] (Debray, 1877), which celebrated the landscape of Mexico as the country was being transformed by the advent of train transportation. Castro’s works hold both historic and artistic value in Mexico today, and are in the collections of Mexican museums. The versatile artist also created designs for facades and shop interiors, posters, landscapes and even fashion designs.

Condition: Generally very good with the usual light overall toning and soft creases in margins. Faint evidence of matburn can be rematted out. Professionally backed by supporting sheet.


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