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Sports, Baseball, Parlor Board Game, Antique, c. 1903


Parlor Base Ball
American Play Games Co., Rutherford, New Jersey: c. 1903
14.75 x 12.25 x 2 inches

Baseball-themed board game from the turn of the century. The printed wood game board is set into a wooden frame. The board contains holes for red and blue pegs, which represent the opposing teams. In the center is a baseball diamond. The pegs for each side fit into two rows of holes numbered one through nine, presumably representing the players, and one through zero, presumably for counting runs. There are also sections for keeping track of innings and outs. While all the pegs seem to be present, the game is lacking dice.

Original paper label on backside: “Many people, old and youg [sic], play games, and games are made the world over, but no game made to-day in this or any other country, equals the new Dominoe game called Button-Button. It is a game full of interest for all ages, therefore, a real family game. Price fifty cents. Any Stationery, Toy or Department Store can supply you. Should you fail to find it in your town write us direct.  American Play Games Co., Rutherford, New Jersey. Try it around the family table.”

Additional Publication Information: Patented April 21, 1903