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Sign, Trade, Jeweler and Optician, Painted Wood, Early 20th Century


Jeweler and Optician [Hanging Trade Sign]
American or English: c. 1900
Painted wood
18.25 x 36.25 inches, sign
19.5 x 38 inches, frame

The two images show both sides of the sign.

Outdoor trade sign for a jeweler and optician shop. The words “JEWELER AND OPTICIAN” are hand painted on both sides in brick-red block letters with gold drop shadows against a white background. The sign hangs as a shingle in a simple black frame from two hooks screwed into the top.


During the 19th century and into the early 20th century, it was commonplace for opticians to set up business as watch sellers and jewelry makers with an optical section as part of the store. Among other things, they made metal eyeglass frames and also fitted them with lenses.

Condition: Generally good with overall outdoor weathering, shrinkage, wear. Sign formed of two planks joined with corrugated metal fasteners. Fasteners with some rust oxidation.


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