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Natural History Art, Birds, Chickens, Prize Winning Poultry, Cassell, Pair Framed Prints, 1880 (Sold)

J.W. Ludlow (after)
Lewis Wright (1838-1905) (editor)
Vincent Day Brooks (printers)
La Fleche
White-Faced Black Spanish
[Prize Winning Poultry]
from The Illustrated Book of Poultry, with Practical Schedules for Judging, Constructed from Actual Analysis of the Best Modern Decisions
Cassell, Petter, & Galpin, London, Paris and New York: 1880
9.5 x 8 inches sight size
10.5 x 8 inches, print overall
17.25 x 15 inches framed

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A pair of prints, framed, from a renowned comprehensive series of 50 chromolithographs of prize British roosters and hens, and other fowl, illustrated by J. W. Ludlow. Each bird is sensitively portrayed in a natural farm or henhouse setting, imbued with its own personality and temperament that seems to correspond to its appearance. Some prints show a single bird, others show two, either the more showy males, or a pair of male and female. The titles of the prints specify name of breed and prizes. Some also specify owner or name of the bird. For example, Mr. R.B. Wood’s pair of Creve-Coeurs won “1st prizes at Wolverhampton Birmingham (Summer Show) Spalding & Chesterfield, 1872,” and Mr. Tomlinson’s Buff Cochcin Cock ‘Sampson’ was “winner of the Birmingham Cup in 1860 and 1861.” Cassell and Company published numerous other natural history works in the period including ones illustrating canaries and cage birds, pigeons, dogs, and horses.

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J.W. Ludlow was an ornithological artist who specialized in domesticated birds. He illustrated several books published by Cassell and others between 1867 and 1886 on poultry, pigeons, as well as canaries and other cage birds. His poultry illustrations are considered classics and are widely reproduced in posters today.

Lewis Wright was a Victorian-era author, editor and poultry, pigeon and animal expert. He played a major part in documenting old and rare breeds of poultry and recording their histories. Wright was the subject of the 2001 book Lewis Wright and His Poultry by Joseph Batty (London: Northbrook Publishing).

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