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Astronomical  Radius Quadrant
Italy: 20th Century
Iron and brass, wood base
31.5 x 10.5 x 10.5 inches

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Fancy, decorative iron and brass radius quadrant mounted on a square base of varnished wood with a brass medallion. A quadrant is a navigational or an astronomical instrument featuring a graduated arc measuring angles up to 90┬░. This one has engraved numbers in increments of ten from 0 to 90 and marking every five degrees. A fixed iron strut at the 45 degree mark is engraved with a design of flowers and leaves. At the top of the arc is a figurine of a brass unicorn; at the bottom of the arc is a tiny brass cherub holding a fish. A rotating brass pointer is attached to the opposite bottom corner with a brass key that allows it to pivot and point to the numbers on the arc. At the top of the pointer is a decorative brass finial with a pinhole opening and facing it at the bottom, a similarly pierced brass tube, presumably for sighting or alignment as part of its use as a measurement device. The bottom of the quadrant is attached to a metal sphere which sits inside a floral setting so it can be rotated on the stand. Tightening a brass key holds it in place. The quadrant is stamped “Made in Italy,” and was likely produced for export or for sale to foreign visitors.

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Astronomical radius quadrants were used mainly for determining the altitude of a celestial body above the horizon. Meridian altitudes of the sun or a bright star could be employed for determining the geographical latitude of an observer. This one has moving parts but seems conceived more for decorative than scientific purposes.

Condition: Generally very good overall with the usual light wear and tarnishing.

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20th Century