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History, Military, Dueling, Collection of Antique Prints


Dueling (Collection of 42 Antique Prints)
Various publishers, Europe and America
Various dates, mostly 18th and 19th Century
Various uncolored prints, generally engravings or etchings
Uniformly mounted on sheet, 12 x 9.5 inches
Sizes of image vary, the smallest 4.25 x 2.5 inches
$500, the collection

Only four of the set are shown here. All of these photos are cropped to the edges of the print itself except for one of the images, which shows how they are professionally mounted on 12 x 9.5 inch sheets of paper.

A gathering of 42 uniformly mounted antique prints, various sources, publishers, and dates, relating to dueling, by swords or pistols through history and fictionalized in plays and novels (four shown here). Some include scenes of women intervening to stop duels. Examples include Shakespeare’s Falstaff, and Fielding’s Tom Jones. They are professionally mounted on 12 x 9.5 inch sheets, as book pages. Based on the style and age of the mounts, they probably were done at the turn of the last century, c. 1900. It can be posited that they were formerly part of a collection of dueling prints or were preparatory work for part of a unique manuscript book about dueling.

Condition: Condition varies, the mounts very clean with some light handling and edge wear, the prints very good with the usual overall toning, wear, soiling, and occasional light spotting or foxing.