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Globe, Astronomy, Tellurian, Laing’s Style Planetarium (prop rental)

Laing’s Style Tellurian
American: 20th Century
Wood, metal, terrestrial globe
13.5 inches high; 24 inches long, extended

Available principally for prop rental; please inquire.

For other tellurians for rental or purchase please see Planetary Devices.

A tellurian modeled after one originally produced by Laing Planetarium Co. of Detroit, Michigan, in the 1890s. A tellurian is a scientific instrument related to an orrery; it shows the reasons for seasons, eclipses, day and night, and other principles of astronomy.

This device is comprised of a three-inch terrestrial globe turning at the end of a wooden arm, spherical painted wood representations of the moon and the planet Venus, and a gold ball representing the sun. It is raised on a turned central standard supported by round base having an inset circular calendar with the signs of the zodiac. The earth spins and revolves, and the moon and VenusĀ  revolve, by turning the wooden arm by hand holding a post under it, thereby engaging various string belts affixed to pulley-form discs.

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20th Century