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Globe, American, Replogle, Terrestrial World, 12-Inch Floor Globe, 4-leg Phyfe Wooden Stand, Chicago, c. 1930s (Sold)

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Replogle Globes, Inc.
12-Inch Terrestrial Floor Globe
Chicago: c. 1936-45
Mahogany Duncan Phyfe style stand
33.5 inches high

The terrestrial globe surmounted by a metal hour disk in calibrated full meridian rotating in meridian fork, on a Duncan Phyfe style mahogany stand having with central baluster standard and 4 splayed reeded legs. Manchukuo is shown, indicating a date from 1936 to 1945. The following are indicated as identified in “Legend” key:  Railroads, Caravan Routes, Canals, Submarine Cables, Steamship Routes, Ruins, Glaciers, Deserts, Mountains, Volcano Peaks, Swamps, Shelf Ice, Ocean Currents. Oceans green, geographic entities in various colors.

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Art Deco Style Oval Cartouche:  12 inch/ Library/ Globe/ Replogle/ Globes Inc./ Chicago

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