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Globe, American, Holbrook, Terrestrial World, 6-Inch Table Globe, Mahogany Pedestal Stand, Antique, Berea, Ohio, 2nd Quarter 19th C. (Reserved)

Holbrook & Co.
5-inch Terrestrial Table Globe
Berea, Ohio: 2nd Quarter, 19th Century
Turned wooden stand
10 inches high, 8.25 inch diameter base
Holbrook 5, Berea, no. 2

This globe is currently on reserve to be sold as part of a larger rare collection of American globes. It is included on our website for research in the interim. For further information on globes currently in stock, please inquire as to availability or please check other globe subcategories on this website.

A five-inch terrestrial globe surmounted by wire loop at the North Pole, canted at 23 degrees on a bent iron angle arm inserted into a turned wooden mahogany stand with central standard and round dish base. The globe has a solid wooden core with applied paper gores and polar calottes. The wire loop at the north pole is likely intended alternatively to be fitted with a string for holding or hanging the globe without the stand, perhaps to demonstrate the rotation or revolution of the earth, eclipses, etc.

The geography is simple, with only the continents, some countries, major rivers and bodies of water, and large islands labeled. Borders between nations are not shown. Coastlines are shaded with fine horizontal hatch marks. Oceans are cream colored, as are land masses, some with heavy red, orange, blue or yellow outlining. Reflecting the geography of the period, the United States includes only the area east of the Mississippi River.

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This is one of number of early 5-inch globes produced by a succession of makers in the Holbrook family in various locations including New York, Connecticut, and Ohio. For more information about the Holbrook firm see our Guide to Globe Makers.

Rectangular Cartouche: HOLBROOK & Co./ BEREA OHIO

Condition: Recently professionally restored removing old varnish, touching up of minor scrapes and abrasions, and revarnishing, with the usual remaining overall toning, wear, handling. Base very good with the usual light shrinkage and wear.


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